Wednesday, December 19, 2012


What keeps me going...

This time, i direct you to a man of God who's celebrating the nativity through play and it is blessing me. Sometimes it is terribly lonely trying to follow the path God has set for you amidst many dissenting voices who believe they know what best you should do by experience. He's @drtonyrapu go check him out, he's really cool and spirit submitted.

Sometimes God does something so big you were expecting, but weren't really expecting and the people who you believe should encourage you are the ones who dissuade you. Sometimes it is so big that because you don't know the complete story you could make a mistake and follow the voice of experience. What stops me is the fact that the people speaking don't know the beginning of the story, the covenant is not with them but with God.

Like I sang along with Tye Tribbett yesterday and felt the stirrings of faith for the first time in a long time, "I have no other choice than to trust You..." the title of the song is 'No other choice' by Tye Tribbett. Sometimes all you can do is trust that God can take of you and your family better than you can and put your hands in His and walk with Him.

My heart broke when I said, "...but I know that every word You say is true..." because I can say the words but I know that my actions are contrary so I chose to make a U-turn and actually trust God when I say those words because He started the chain reaction and He can finish it.