Saturday, November 23, 2013


Home sweet home
You never know how awesome home is
Till you haven't encountered strangers
Who say one thing with their mouth
And say another thing behind you
With no fear for God after all you aren't God
I belong to God
But I guess they forgot since they hold the list
Of all the people who belong to God
And they can decide who to be nasty to
And who to be wicked to

It is well
God take care of them
As he will take care of me
I am just glad that God showed me kindness
Amidst my long suffering

New horizons, new victories coming up
Thankful for revelation knowledge
He only shows us the next step and
I am taking it!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Thank You Jesus
The road has been long.
By the faith of Jesus, I am on Your agenda this December
You have good plans for me and mine to teach us the way we should go.

I know I am doing the right thing. I know the next two steps
The third step is in the dark yet; but I know I will see it right on time.

Come December, like the woman with the issue of God, I come to draw exactly what I need out of you.
It doesn't matter what others are interested in drawing but I will draw everything I need out of You, Jesus.

I will take You at Your word.

Ministry hasn't been easy but I offer You thanksgiving for this time and for all that You accomplished through it. You are sovereign. All through the journey at many times I thought I knew better than You.

You said, 'wait' and I did. With everything I had, I did. I cried fighting against my desire to go my way. Thank You for giving me the grace to do what You said. Because on my own I wouldn't have.

Thank You for the things that You have told me. I trust in You and in all that You have said. I will yet fulfil that other prophecy by the grace of God that is upon my life.

Father, thank You for you break barriers for me and my family this month and You make impossible things possible again in Jesus name, amen.

Trusting You that day in fellow shipping through all the tears of blood was/is worth it.

For everything I trust You and I will speak the faith I believe no matter what anyone says.

Best gift ever: I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

This is what qualifies me for your goodness every time and the willingness to keep my mind renewed to Your word so that I can receive everything that You have for me and my family always.

Thank God: I have seen twin girls for my sis. It is well with her o. Taking care of baby is not easy talk less of taking care of 2 babies.

When my faith is missing, I depend on the faith of Jesus which is so much more powerful than mine. Lord let me always see Your faith instead of mine.

Just heard that prophesy again. I think it is difficult but God says it is possible that I should operate in the supernatural.
Because my faith is in the Almighty God. He is telling me who He is again.

I trust You Lord for everything. I will keep drawing out of You my Father.

I am walking by Faith...