Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Why do ministers think they have to have spic and span past?

It is sick. Why would people lie on and on? Are they silly or what? God loves me, no matter whether i am spic and span or not, His word makes me clean.

I have heard so many lies this afternoon, i doubt the Holy Spirit will be able to work with lies. All that God asks for is that the gospel is preached. I don't see anywhere where he asks Peter or John or Phillip to lie and whitewash their stories by themself.

I am a sweetheart that does not take any bullshit, if i want to give anyone advice, the first thing that will be coming out of my mouth will not be lies. By the way whatever foundation is built on lies will not stand.

Why do people prefer public opinion to what God thinks?

I was talking with a friend and she says that a girl who got pregnant as a teenager would not be willing to keep her pregnancy if it happened today? i promptly told her that the girl who kept that pregnancy is a better christian than the one who would abort because of shame. By the way God's opinion matters more and anything done because of public opinion just proved that religion had gained the upper hand in the life of the individual and that relationship had gone out of the window.

I can tell you categorically that any person like that is living empty and on the verge of a breakdown? what really is christianity?

Holy Spirit, keep me straight.
let pleasing any man not be more important than me pleasing you
Help me put God first

God doesn't heal you because you are walking right or your good works
More than His healing, a relationship with Him matter more
By the way, the confidence of His love for you gives you confidence and
no one will ever be able to threaten you because you know Who owns you


Ministers and their desire to lie: as if it makes them more righteous than the one purchased for them with the blood of Jesus, that is just the height of insecurity, i don't care what anyone thinks of me, He has made me righteous, i don't need any human's approval to make me feel better and i don't need to prove anything to anyone.