Friday, December 10, 2010

I tagged my self cos i was bored...

Hi y'll, i tagged me self cos i needed to write something new and it was pretty strange i did not have any comments whatsoever.

5 Famous people I want to meet:

- Barack Obama

- Maya Angelou
- Bill Clinton
- Jonathan Goodluck
- Condoleesa rice

5 Books that affected you: 

- The Bible
- 'Everything good will come' by Sefi Atta
- 'Blessed Child' and 'A man called Blessed' by Ted Dekker and another really spiritual guy
- 'The saint' By Ted Dekker
- Piercing the darkness and This present darkness by Frank Peretti

5 favorite movies (5 is very restrictive o!): 

- A destiny of her own
- Lord of the rings 1 2 3
- Cellphone
- Expendables
- Red

5 things you can't do without: 

- The Holy Spirit (God in motion)
- My family
- My life's mission
- My Cell phone too
- My Books

5 turn ons 

- Honesty
- Handsome, sexy, humble and polite men who love Jesus
- Integrity
- Rich sinful chocolate 
- Books at the right time

5 turn offs:

- Deceit
- Agenda bearing folks
- Duplicity
- Politics (Most all politics is dirty)
- Insincerity

I hereby tag
life or something like it

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am royally pissed!

It passes all understanding
The peace i have.
That is!

It might not look nice, what i will be blogging, all i tried to do was observe all the principles i know, the spiritual ones anyways. I don't care.
Today i was ruthlessly manipulated in the name of Jesus. And i did not find it funny. I got hurt and insulted based on a man's personal opinions.

What gives folks the right to force their opinions on others. B.S (Bullsh*t), imagine trying it on me. Emotionally i was hurt, distraught even, because i still care what people think of me. Brain to tisha, deal with that!

Objectively, i was aware that i was been forced into a position where i would be operating as a puppet with no personal opinions. Who the heck is in charge of my life? Me, them, Him? He is in charge of my life. I am not going to mess it up pleasing anyone.

I don't want to regret it ten years from now all in a bid to please someone who is temporary in my life. I am not even going to do it for permanent folks. God and i will make that decision together. They don't understand, my limited wisdom has failed me before. Why should i trust his advice, would he lay down his life for me? If he would, then i can take his advice but if not, i would stick to God's wisdom. I pray he focuses on the good and not the evil.

I am sure there are good testimonies but all he can remember are the evil ones. A pastor friend of mine asked me to always focus on the good testimonies because there is something about what your mind is always meditating on daily. Are you focusing on the power of God or the power you believe the devil has. I can never forget that the devil is broke of power, no matter how many circumstances i see. lol! I actually feel better.

I won't do it on the limited wisdom of a man.
I am still pissed and angry on the behalf of the women whose stories i was made privy to, and the disrespect they endured all in a bid to provide me with negative stories.

And of course move me in a particular direction.

I'm royally pissed.