Saturday, May 5, 2012

I have broken through
people make all sort of jokes
But i did break through.

What do i value most about myself?
My sincerity
but my ability to keep haters at a distance

God is good
Spending time with God is just awesome
I am glad He didn't say: You have been away so long
I have forgotten you
God is a good friend...

No judgments
No pressure
No stress

He makes things easy
and He's real
No robotics

Just being me with God
and knowing that He is for me for real is bam!
Who uses those words any

I miss my 'tisha' blog,
tis why i came here
I try to write in my new blog
but its not as good as this

I see through everyone now to the TRUTH

The biggest truth i see is that God is still here with me
I made all the right decisions
Even though it was as though i was in the dark

God says, no matter how clear we see, it is through a thick glass
that after a while we will see clear
So i am still walking with Him

My greatest victory!