Monday, October 4, 2010

Nigeria at 50 - Day 4 (We her citizens (you and I) have integrity)

Nigeria at 50 - Day 3  Muse: 

"This day is special to me cos its my BFF's birthday and our fight is over, thank God, stupid fight was my fault, i guess i could have let it go but i took it personal so i could draw some boundaries but i guess we are good now. i Have to buy cake or something and make it up to her, lol!
Hi blog ville, this is what i could come up with, yeah, you knew i wouldn't complain right, i was definitely going to find something good in Nigeria to talk about because i love her".

So Nigeria is 50
I can still remember when she turned 40
I was more idealistic then
I thought we could change her just by being our best
And adding value and contributing

Today I am not a realist
I still believe in Nigeria
I believe she can still grow up big and strong
I am not ignoring her faults
I know there is still corruption, senseless deaths
Still bad roads
and not much development
If we are comparing with America

America is over 200 years old
It took her a while to get to where she is now
But that is not why there is still hope for Nigeria
There is hope for Nigeria because now
I pray for her earnestly, for me it’s not a duty
I am not politicking but when I see Oshodi, I know she has hope
When I see tarred benin roads, not one but many
I believe She has hope again

She’s 50 se
I know everyone says ‘a fool at 40’
But I believe She can improve
You and I are not waiting to be leaders tomorrow
We are leading right now by choosing right each time
We her citizens (you and I) have integrity
And courage to stand up for what we believe in
My siblings have threatened to lock me up
On election day
I know I’ll be voting next election
Not to fulfil righteousness
Not because I believe in politicians
Because I believe for Nigeria
Like I believed for America

It was like a joke
Barack,  a black man won
For Nigeria,
I don’t believe for a black man
But I believe for a man of integrity
Who can take us to new levels
Because all our heroes are not dead
There is a new generation of heroes
One’s who are living
You and i
Our actions for Nigeria
Our heroism
Our heroes are not finished
There is one alive in ME
And in YOU

Nigeria at 50 - Day 5 Sirius:


  1. Optimism is the name of the game! too often we've talked down and nagged and nothing changed. Change is in the air!

  2. Hope doesn't seem to be totally lost. However, for the realities of this hope to be, we need to individually become the change we want.

    Yes, all our heros ain't dead yet. There liveth a few and i.

  3. Nice. It's good to be optimistic!!!

    PS: Which one is effiko? Mind yourself o!

  4. @ lamikayty
    CHANGE will come definitely
    because as we speak right, our minds will change and we will change our nation.

    @ rethots
    sorry i was late
    Thanks for the opportunity
    I believe Nigeria must have heroes that live so we grow and carry on the legacy.

    @ Aloofar
    yeah, it keeps a people living and breathing and preparing for CHANGE

    PS: Just expressing my opinion, lol

  5. I guess we've let that 'leaders of tomorrow' crap get so much into our heads that we forget that we forget we are leading right where we all are. Bravo!

  6. Ha. been here like 500 times today, thot you forgot. We for enter the same trouser as they told me when i was young. Big ups. Hope. It gets darker just before dawn, my hope is it gets better from here. The last decade of Nigeria hasnt been super encouraging but the timing is right and the glimmers of hope are ever so bright. Good job.

  7. yes ! , we cant wait for no saviour..
    we have the heroes we are looking for within every one of ourselves..

  8. Oh,I actually didnt comment..

    Okay then,I LOVE this! it got me thinking of our resolve to keep hoping and trying regardless.
    good job,girl :)

  9. It's true, we can never give up. Nice post!

  10. That we are doing this right now - something that has never been done before - points to the fact that we are moving in the right direction and so there may be no need for any time-wasting national conference. These posts are mind-changing, encouraging and positive.
    Truth is as our minds are being transformed, the fire will spread, and that's where it all starts from...
    Kudos Tisha.

  11. we just have to remain hopeful , that someday all our dreams abt naija will come tru. an ernest and feverent prayer availeth much. lets keeep praying for our dear country.

  12. @ Muse
    We are leading NOW

    No i did not forget but i was in a meeting hence my lateness. Yes, there is definitely hope.

    @ Olusimeon
    Yeah, we are the heroes that will be written about for generations to come. It just depends on our commitment to building legacies that will please Him.

    @ My world
    Yes o, it is keep moving, don't stop.

    @ Myne
    I don't give up or give in ever. I am not about to start now.

    @ Ochuko
    As our minds change and we influence our world, some other minds around us will change too!

    @ Fragile looks
    Prayer avails much.
    We are hopeful and living our dream, living in a way that we will be proud of in 60 years to come...

  13. real words, deep words ....
    nice view and one that i share ...
    i still believe in my home ... always naija
    well done ... i hope you get another platform to publish this for more to view

  14. Well, like a wise man once said, "Hope springs eternal."

  15. LOL @ my siblings threatened to lock me in on election day. Nice one! We need to stop sitting idly by, change comes when we stop using the same methods to achieve the same results. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  16. within YOU & ME, there's a leader somewhere, irrespective of his religion, that will help guide this country out of darkness & into his marvellous light...God help us all

  17. @ Lani
    I trust that our generation can bring about the change we desire in our country. Its not a days job though so i'll try to be consistent.

    @ Kay
    Hope is awesome. It can reach the future and build and build generations if imparted to one another...

    @ tomi
    lol too.
    I am definitely voting come election day. I have voted since the age of 18.

    Being a leader is not written on your forehead, i believe it is written on your heart and your desire to change others.
    keep being an influence

  18. Nicely written dear..
    You just called me 2 act with the best inspiring speech!

  19. Such positive messages...heart warming too. Well done*

  20. @ 2Cute4u
    Thanks a lot.
    I hope you act everyday
    sometimes i forget.

    Nigeria belongs to all of us
    We will all need to pitch in!

  21. Nigeria needs heroes that live...and there's one in everyone of us - A really positive message.

  22. @ Naijalines
    Yay! I am a Nigerian hero that lives. Now i just need to remember to do something everyday that befits a Nigerian hero.
    Its great to be up there with the Awolowo's and Balewa's.


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