Thursday, March 26, 2009

Okay i told myself i will blog today

Enough of running away from blogger. i told myself i will blog today. i am not sure if i have missed blogger award or not. there are many pple who i love and appreciate on blogger and would love to. first of all i was interrupted by my b bro and so could not blog, for everyone who was offended, i apologise. To tee, and dante and chari and funkola and fashinga, so so sorry. i will make this worthwhile. to think you still check on my blog even though i took a long sabbatical. okay so let me talk about wh the story ended last year. i swore i would never blog about naija denzel but i put myself on a regimen and if i don't, it would make the event seem of some importance to me. first of all, i want to say that i grew emotionally and spiritually and socially and i learnt that i am much stronger than i thought or rather that God loves me too darn much He gave and He spoke and i listened... (story for another day) So i finally got closure, i am not sure exactly when it happened. all i know is that like we all know when there is anything emotional in an office setting, things often get difficult and they got really difficult for me. So by now you all know that i am not dating him but what you did not know till now is that he's been dating another gal that he was also let me use the word shadowing, the chic i wrote about in earlier posts that eyes me when she sees me. I should have been upset but i at the ripe old age of 20+ know that guys usually do not ask only one gal out. so i took it in stride. I am blogging about it now because i finally got closure a few weeks back and i am convicted about what i did being the right thing. I was unlike me for a while and mainly because i could not blog about it so all the emotions were locked up inside moi. I really wished i was a guy for a short time but i came to my senses fast. I would not give up fashion and feminine wiles for anything. imagine the wedges and capris and body hugging t-shirts i'd miss wearing. not to appear too shallow but a gal's gotta be shallow a bit. So i adapted and its the end of this story but new ones will be coming up soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

okay so i saw buttercup's message that i .... tagged so folks i am back and i have worked out something. what is best for moi. so i guess i'll go on and do the tag but only after i say a big thank you to everyone who visited my blog and encouraged me. you guys at blogville are the best.
I don't know what i would do without you. tear!

  Q & A.

where is your cell phone?

Its upstairs, my cell phone is never really glued to my side.

where is your significant other?
He's in naija too

 Hair color?
brown. my relaxer makes it black, and when i carry a weave, its color 30 shades off blonde and amazingly it fits moi.

your mother? i thought we got along but she has changed so much i really do not know but i love her anyway.

 your father? with all his negative traits, many times he surprises me with his kindness. i am glad God blessed me with a funny dad. He tells really good stories, you will be captivated.

your favorite thing? gadgets, but i love denim, it has a way of hugging moi and just making moi look good. i would rather wear cotton anyday except its a dress.

your dream last night? it was really weird. for some funny reason i cannot remember it presently

your dream/goal? To own a Magazine that is hugely successful

the room you're in? At the office in a tiny cubicle downstairs 

 Your hobby? Reading music and watching movies.

 where do you want to be in 6 years? Healthy and in God's will. Hugely successful and somehow affecting the lives of other females.

 where were you last night? I got home late from work but woke up at night (an annoying habit i will not drop) to watch Smallville 7 with my siblings.

what you're not? Loud, overbearing or rude, i don't gossip either (the baddest habit on planet earth)

one of your wish list items? 2009 Toyota Camry, a house, 10 million naira and all of God's best. the list is inexhaustible right. i sound like a 9 year old let loose in a candy store but you asked right! lol

where you grew up? In Lagos, Nigeria.

the last thing you did? i tried to fill in something important online its not going so i'll try again at night or early in the morning.

what are you wearing? Black and grey, skirts and blazer with camisole in it and accessories.

your tv? In the sitting room.

your pet? none, i like puppies but not dogs.

your computer? On a flat surface.

 your mood? A little high, i get high on the Holy Ghost, i just keep feeling a shout on my inside.

 missing someone? not today, months and exactly 3 years ago. now, my feeling are totally under control. Huh!

 your car? don't have one yet, amazing right!

 something you're not wearing? my shoes. they are these pretty wedgies, elegant and all but they hurt my feet after a while, i only wear them to impress. I look really great on them too.

  favorite store? The chocolate store close to my house.

 your summer? i did not have any holidays during the summer, it was hot in naija though if you want to know.

love someone? Yes o How could i not?

 your favorite color? Blue

 when is the last time you laughed? I have been doing blog rounds so what are the chances that i have been laughing for the last few hours. yes yes, you got it.

 last time you cried? 2 wks ago. i was frustrated and stressed out and angry not counting the time when it is silent tears, if its that then it was 5 days ago.

 are you a b*tch? No. i am a nice and really sweet gal. i can be really tough though for anyone who wants to see the other side of me.

 favorite past time? Daydreaming.. i did that last night. lol It is a picture of your goal and where you are going!

 are you a hater or a lover? I am a lover, i can never hate, can't stand the animosity.

 are you genuine or fake? I am totally original.

 any vices? My inability to forgive easily.. but i am learning and i am pretty secretive mccain or obama? Obama! definitely. Who asked this question?

 pro plastic or natural? i am of the opinion that "you can buy your hair if it won't grow " especially if you look really good on a weave. hardly ever go natural.

 dream job? To write and write and write for a living and make money so much it would be considered suspicious I hereby tag olufunke, aloofar, irrepressible romantic, vera and invisible see you folks soon. i look really good right now, so which i could upload a pic. but i am anonymous, i have been giving me a lot of tlc ciao!