Friday, October 29, 2010

I knew i wanted to write something today...

I feel like blogging
No serious stuff
Just fun stuff...

(I have been on a high for the last two weeks, it is a love high that no human being can give. It's intoxicating and infectious! I don't want to ever leave this place)Worship!
Truth: I am falling in love with God all over again and its deeper...

Okay i was going to do the meme that had been going round. Problem is i checked around and there was not tech meme or any kind of meme going round so i decided to meditate on the love of God.

His love is unfailing!
I don't want to do a post i don't feel anything about so i am going to put all of me into this. I am not going to recite scriptures, i am going to say how the love of God has changed me and affected me so.

I was talking with a friend yesterday and i said
1 T im 2:7
He has not given me a spirit of fear but a spirit of love, of power and a sound mind. If i exhibit fear, then i am not manifesting the spirit of God but the enemy. So i resist fear with all of me because i have the spirit of God in me and it is not a timid spirit. It is the spirit that can love, can handle power and is sound in thinking because i think like God. I am motivated by His love.

He says 'I love you with an everlasting love'
Jer 31:3
'I have loved you, O my people, with an everlasting love; with loving-kindness I have drawn you to me'

He is not kidding! When God says something, He means it like 'light be', He does not make jokes with His word, He speaks when he wants to create.
The scriptures speak of the love of God continually, it says He loves his people and so he will not destroy, he says that he covers his people. It says he builds his people, he counts the hairs on their head.
When i heard i was the apple of his eye, it brought a tear to my eyes, why? Society can get talking so much you can imagine God feels the way they do. You can imagine that maybe God thinks so too!
The amazing thing is that God is clear on his mind, he loved so much, he sent his only son to die. This love is amazing!

Love is just awesome! But the love of God beats any kind of love ever and it is transforming! It causes you to see life from a different perspective.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Back on track! I think...

I ask...

Did i get stuck in a rut?
Did i begin to play church?

A little. My mind was not always on God. My mind was always on. Is my boss happy? What are they planning? Do they really mean what they are saying or are they lying from behind their teeth like most people do? My mind was always on one thing or the other.

Is my mind back on God?
I don't know. It is on God many times. I try to judge my motive so i know i am not on the rat race. Sometimes it is just an annoying battle. Trying to keep up with what is going on in my office, trying to keep up with what is on my dad's mind. trying to keep up with my bff (Is she for real or is she kgb? How often is she real?)

You know it is kinda a roller-coaster when so much is going on.

My younger sis started working this month and like the goody-too-shoes i am, i am helping out. I am happy for her, she is one of those people who are not happy if they are not busy doing something. She works 7 days a week under a female. Uhhhmmp!

What am i saying? She gave me the perspective:
She said, "Tisha, my friend was talking to me the other day and she said , we eat by faith, drink by faith, get a job by faith, marry by faith, have kids by faith, choose the right career by faith, walk the right path by faith, abi how do you want to do it?"

I looked at her and laughed and said, "I don't want to use common sense or logic, it has failed many people before..."

So i left her feeling very confident. It didn't last long or did it. Fact is that many things try to compete with what i believe and i can remember the chinese proverb. The one you feed wins the battle. If you are not feeding your spirit with God's word, don't thing the devil will stop feeding your flesh, he has many people who help him and they are willing. So you better be willing to feed your spirit.

The just shall live by faith...

I know many people won't do this or they forget (like me sometimes). Holy Spirit, i am asking you to help me live by faith, help me remember to live by faith. I am i am strong on my inside because i am strengthened with might in my inner man and i know that God is for me big time. Father, help me depend on you.

I love you Jesus.

I love you all, blogfam, you know yourselves.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today is a ranting day... i'll be ranting with the word.

Gone 360 degrees and we are right where we were three years ago
Fight what you don't understand.

I think they are acting true to form. Good thing is that several people have changed, the ones you would never expect are changing. so many have had their faith stirred up but i am weary in my soul from trying to resist fighting. God says i am fine and i can't say i don't believe. All i know is that i am in a flight mode, all i want to do is flee.
I know i said i was in the midst of a sea of wolves or should i say serpents and i am not ready to change my opinion.

As per my rev, it comes from:

Joh 1:12 and 13.
'But as many as received Him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name'.
'Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God'.

What does the first part mean?
As many as received Him:
You can receive him with your mouth but your actions reject him, your words reject him, your motives reject him, your plans resist him. Have you really received him? 

To them gave He power 
Some translations say 'right', 'authority', you can not become his unless he gives you the right, unless he shows you the way. you might think receiving him is an act, a religion or a club where you just copy. No it is a life. He puts His life in you and your spirit and his become one and folks it can't be explained. Spiritual things are foolishness to the uninitiated. You can't receive the holy ghost until your spirit is alive. Is your spirit alive? Do you even know that you are spirit?
Yes, you want to explain it abi, tell me how the red sea divided into two? tell me how Jonah survived 3 days and night in a fish/whale when we know they didn't have oxygen tanks then. Some things are just supernatural! Wouldn't you like access to such power? Well, you need to recognize that you need humility first so that God would trust that you won't destroy people with power you can't control!

to become the sons of God,
For a long time i used to ask myself if i was a son of God. Then one day i decided, this God loves me, He has done everything possible to prove it. I am a son, He says He gave me why am i acting like i am still as disadvantaged as the rest of the world. I am set apart, he has given me a deposit of the holy ghost, he loves me. I am a son. There is no amount of works i am going to do before he gives me a badge. I am a son because he made me a son so i can access the heritage of the sons

even to them that believe on His name'.
Then he crowned it by adding this. Do you believe on the name of Jesus? Are you using his name? When you pray, do you know you are not sending yourself. You are a messenger no an ambassador, the angels are the messengers. Are you acting like someone who the great God has sent or you are timid and fearful. he gave birth to you. He's your dad, He brought you fought. Next time you use the name of Jesus, don't be doubtful and fearful, He's a good God. The great God, not a great man sends you. Go with courage.

What does this mean? 
To the folks who think they got me saved, I am not born of blood...
I know you are forever quoting that the flesh is made of blood or whatever that is, don't know, don't wanna know. This means i consist of divinity, believe it or not, that is your problem. I don't consist of blood, you are free to be ordinary. I am born of God. I am delighted to know and be able to prove that i was born not of blood.

To the folks who have me labeled and won't let go. 
I am not born of the will of the flesh. Yes i see you. Laughing from the side of your faces, mocking or slaying with words. I have watched you mock people over the years (people you should be building, its your responsibility, you accepted that responsibility). You laugh but your eyes never laugh, i hear you telling me to laugh more often and inside of me, i am amused.
The scriptures say 'a merry heart doeth good like medicine' but your own laughter does you no good why. The scriptures did say 'a merry heart' right? Not a mocking heart or a laughing at the downfall of anothers' heart, the scriptures say a merry heart. There is a big difference! I am not born because i felt like it or you felt like it or i wanted money, security or protection, it had nothing to do with anything in the flesh.

To the folks who think they can manipulate everything and that there are no surprises down the road:
I am not born of the will of man; no man can tell me where i am going or how far i can reach. God has proved it to me already that he is in charge. (I can still remember hearing derogatory comments every other day so cos everyone is acting nice does not mean i have forgotten; it only means that i give people room to change).
No man can put a cap on my destiny, no one can stop me, no one can delay me, or waylay me. My life is not in the hands of any man.
What am i saying? What i said in the first three months of my journey. I am not used to manipulating things, i usually have a hero that shows up when things get really tough for me and that is why i say "There is a God who rules in the affairs of men"
It means that it looks like men are running things but i believe like Daniel and Shedrach, Meshack and Abednego. God will show up...

And the scriptures say: 'But of God'
This is where i get the saying 'I am born of God'. Jesus multiplied it saying 'Except you are born of water and the spirit...' Don't you get it? Your eyes will never be open to see the kingdom of God here on earth except you submit to the spirit. Any time you spend without the help of the spirit is time wasted, you won't move one inch. You would be moving around in circles. This is it for me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The words of...


"The words of his mouth were smoother than butter yet war was in his heart, his words were softer than oil yet they were swords drawn"
- Somewhere in proverbs (Don't really matter... )

I am better because of my challenges.

What do you do when you can't trust the words that come from the mouth of men?
This is exactly why this verse is ideal for me.

I have come to another impasse. I need to find a way out of it. I guess i should be thanking God i have a way maker. I do thank Him

I wonder why i see solutions but i meet. brick walls of people who see problems.What has seeing the problem done for them? What can it do for them? I felt a little overwhelmed yesterday because as i expected them that stand are few. I know i sound like Elijah but right now i am talking about my sphere of influence. There is still hope o. Integrity is expensive, few think it is worth it. Sometimes i doubt its worth it and then immediately the devil gives me the opportunity to take excess of N500 from a trader and 'i pass' and then i wonder if my mumu button was forever pushed when i found Jesus.
I am glad i have a mumu button that lets me do right even when its in vogue. I am not saying that i am perfect, just that this is the way i want to live my life and i would do it again if life could be lived over... (Sweeties, there is no reincarnation, you only get to live life once, i don't care about the proofs that say otherwise)

Whats my decision? I made it yesterday, i am not changing for anyone, yes! Still i refuse to conform, i am going to be me because i was created to dominate and win. My sweet 't' said it all, "out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water..." was the word i came up with because yesterday i felt so drained emotionally and spiritually and why, because i did not pray.

I make a commitment to spend more time with God cos everyone else just drains me. Their mouths pretend to encourage me but their hearts rejoice at my perceived downfall. There i have said it. I have been avoided confessing this here for months. I told my sis that '...the word of God judges the intents and purposes of the heart...'  k, so i don't ever say something that my heart does not agree with, i would rather keep quiet.
I kinda drained yesterday because i lost my equilibrium, i have never seen such duplicity, you say one thing and mean another. When i don't believe something, i shut up until i believe. That's what i do.

I will never say what i don't believe.
I like yesterday. Why? It shook me out of deception, it shook me out of duplicity and laxity, let everyone else play their games, but i am not allowed to join them. What i have before me is a monstrous assignment, to make like Jesus among a sea of wolves and Lord, i don't know if i can do it but i ask for your help. I thank you for you are my help. 
You can help me dominate my environment by your spirit, by walking in humility and kindness. You can help me dominate my environment by my playing no games and walking in love. By being honest and trusting of you and Lord i still believe you are real, not just in the bible but to me.

O lord how i long for you like i am in a dry and thirsty land because i know that as long as i am conscious that you live in me and that your supernatural life has supplanted my physical life, i can never be disadvantaged. I am a supernatural being. I live the God-life while i am on earth because i have access to the resources of heaven and i am convinced that i am a faithful steward of the giftings you have given me.

I refuse shame and poverty and disease. I refuse the down life, i am above and soaring like an eagle above the circumstances of this life. I walk by faith and not by sight. I am led by the spirit of God. i am united the God, my spirit and His spirit are one. I am blessed beyond a curse. I am a seed of Abraham therefore the world is mine. I have angelic ministration left, right and center. I have access to the wisdom of God because my Lord favours me. I am a son and therefore i access the heritage of the sons....

God is so awesome


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am positioned...

I want to say Thank God for the lives of the Chilean miners. Kafo gave me the hook-up and i was up to date on them all, none of the miners perished, you think that's a coincidence...

I am rightly positioned to always receive the divine influence of God on my life. I believe i am praying better because i receive what to pray about. I receive scriptures to pray with and what particular areas to pray about so spiritually, i am on a high and it is not because of what is going on around me but because of what is going on in me.

If i could i would bail, i hate responsibility but i have been trained to take my place, i know what to do per time and i am far from anxious about anything.

I am good on the inside, been worshiping from my heart; i just decided that to hell with anyone who is looking at me or whatever they are saying, i don't care and i am not moved. They can say whatever they want to say and look however much they want to look. If God is pleased, then i am pleased!

I decided that when it comes to service, God matters more than anyone else and so i must not be concerned about other people and what they think as long as i am in line with His word. I am strengthening my relationship with the Holy Ghost because i need Him now more than ever before. Making a commitment to God to do what is pleasing to Him no matter what anyone else is doing.

I am reading this book "How to hear from God" By Joyce Meyer slowly which is amazing for me because i like books. I am taking it slowly because i want to digest it. She believes in the leading of God's spirit and i do too. I know He leads me if not i would not be confident. I would never have given my life if i did not know He was leading me.

What do i do?

Every morning, i commit myself to walking in love not because of the people involved but because my God is distanced when i have negative feelings. When i have negative feelings, its like my flesh tries to rule my spirit. When i walk in love, my spirit rules... I really even can't see the reason to walk in the flesh when my spirit rules.
Nothing is worth it.

"I walk in the spirit and so i do not fulfill the lust of the flesh" Gal 5:16

I wonder how folks navigate their life without the Holy Ghost, i long for a stronger relationship with Him.  I am desperate for His presence day in, day out. He is my oxygen, my air, my peace, my direction. I hunger for His touch. I am empty if He is not with me.

When i have issues, i meditate on 1 Cor 13, it may appear not to go in, but whatever word you take in sinks deep and will come out when you need it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Nigeria at 50 - Day 4 (We her citizens (you and I) have integrity)

Nigeria at 50 - Day 3  Muse: 

"This day is special to me cos its my BFF's birthday and our fight is over, thank God, stupid fight was my fault, i guess i could have let it go but i took it personal so i could draw some boundaries but i guess we are good now. i Have to buy cake or something and make it up to her, lol!
Hi blog ville, this is what i could come up with, yeah, you knew i wouldn't complain right, i was definitely going to find something good in Nigeria to talk about because i love her".

So Nigeria is 50
I can still remember when she turned 40
I was more idealistic then
I thought we could change her just by being our best
And adding value and contributing

Today I am not a realist
I still believe in Nigeria
I believe she can still grow up big and strong
I am not ignoring her faults
I know there is still corruption, senseless deaths
Still bad roads
and not much development
If we are comparing with America

America is over 200 years old
It took her a while to get to where she is now
But that is not why there is still hope for Nigeria
There is hope for Nigeria because now
I pray for her earnestly, for me it’s not a duty
I am not politicking but when I see Oshodi, I know she has hope
When I see tarred benin roads, not one but many
I believe She has hope again

She’s 50 se
I know everyone says ‘a fool at 40’
But I believe She can improve
You and I are not waiting to be leaders tomorrow
We are leading right now by choosing right each time
We her citizens (you and I) have integrity
And courage to stand up for what we believe in
My siblings have threatened to lock me up
On election day
I know I’ll be voting next election
Not to fulfil righteousness
Not because I believe in politicians
Because I believe for Nigeria
Like I believed for America

It was like a joke
Barack,  a black man won
For Nigeria,
I don’t believe for a black man
But I believe for a man of integrity
Who can take us to new levels
Because all our heroes are not dead
There is a new generation of heroes
One’s who are living
You and i
Our actions for Nigeria
Our heroism
Our heroes are not finished
There is one alive in ME
And in YOU

Nigeria at 50 - Day 5 Sirius: