Sunday, February 28, 2010

If i call you my friend...

...then you are really one and cherished and valuable to me, I'd never call you my friend if you weren't. You are allowed to not be perfect but if you are crooked and cunning, we won't be friends. i wrote a nice post on issues i had been having and what it meant to be a friend; been having issues and after reading neefemi's blog post and leggy's blog post, i decided I'd just about write it again, even though i may still put that one up.

Being a follower of Christ and someone who likes to pride myself in doing the word, i had to resolve what malice was and what 'putting someone between a rock and a hard place was'.
I have been in this position before, the one where every one crucifies you on the testimony (you could also cal it gossip) of another. I have always come out on top and i am sure this time would be no different, it's just the time i have to wait.
This time though, i was less bothered about the folks involved and more bothered about if God was pleased with me.

There's this chic in my office (i have been in my office for about three years)who's never wanted to be my friend or anything and suddenly, she is my newest best friend ( me, i know how to resist those things nah, i wasn't a correct lag chic for nothing). I was suspicious (as usual, lol) and i wondered what she wanted.

Anytime she spoke to me, i wondered (chic, what's with the over friendliness, i hope you know we can't be friends; especially not after the condemnation sessions). she does not know how long suffering i can be. i shunned her anyway (without being too nasty sha)n of course fell into her trap, she went about telling folks (her strength) what i did and i know she's silently seething (i could not care less).

anyhow sha, i will wait it out. How do i justify not being friends with her? i have searched the bible thoroughly and it says somewhere that Jesus did not pretend that the pharisees were his friends, he called them 'brood of vipers', he never acted, he never pretended, he called them what they were.

So this is my statement, when you know someone does not like you (nothing wrong with saying hi) don't just think they are your friends (That is o so stupid, i think lol) and i may be naive (not street smart at all, it makes me weep sometimes) but i am not stupid and i will not pretend so if she wants to imagine i am keeping malice with her, she is welcome to imagine whatever she wants but God is not mocked and he rules in the affairs of men.

I want to guard my heart cos that is where i produce life from but i wonder why these pharisees and Sadducees won't leave me alone, believe whatever you want, i don't care any longer, all i care about is making sure my relationship with God is salvaged, i receive revelation knowledge on how to deal with this (big headache).

Would you want to be friends with someone who secretly wishes you dead and who talks bad about you behind your back but smiles in your front and always wants to buy you something or the other? Now be honest!

To be frank, i would not be friends with you if i knew you gossiped or were not loyal or were scum enough to do something underhanded to get your way and then want to be friends after getting your way? How stupid do you think i am? don't answer!

I just can't pretend like that, if that was the friendship between David and Jonathan, the bible would have said. I always want true friendship and i am grateful for the friends God has given me who can be real with me and truly be my friends, if you are not my friend, it all good too, just don't try to cosy up to me...

I think i have finished the rant if that's what it was.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hooking up...

You gats to do this before you hook up, i got together with zoebeliever, she came up with this idea to pray in the month of feb, was writing something else but i remember that i promised zoe (it means the life of God by the way) that i would post along with her so here goes, for the guys please change the he to she...

We are single and we rock (you need to believe this)

We are single and we pray (This is purely choice)

My dream marriage is a marriage where i can trust my hubby and where he can trust me. where he can say to me "There is nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you" (this is what God said to me). My getting saved was a battle between me and God because i was not sure I could trust him, i wanted to trust myself but finally i needed the help of the Holy Ghost to finally trust God and then one great day, i yielded and received Christ.


When i pray to God, i am actually communicating with my first love, God almighty, friend, father, deliverer, healer, provider, lover of my soul, refuge, fortress, my kinsman-redeemer, He loves me (no strings attached).

1. That i would trust the one i marry

Growing up, i got advice from mom and many female that 'men are wicked' so deep inside me when i was operating with a man, i expect cunningness and callousness and this is sometimes true of men, but not so for the believer, the kind of man i will marry so i choose to to trust in the one the holy ghost will lead me to.

2. That i may love, honor and respect him (not to be his slave but be submissive).

Experiences with my dad and some other fellow damaged my emotions but never could break my will. so as much as i have learnt to walk with instituted authority because that is God's will and way, i always instinctively subconsciously rebel, because i believe they will not do me good. (authority are meant to do good to the people under them, it is not always so but this is the way God designed it) when authority do you wrong, God fights for you; which is why you must not fight authority or your husband.Many people don't understand submission, let me put it this way. Isaac willingly went with Abraham to be sacrificed at the altar, God eventually provided a ram but Isaac was ready to do God's will. Jesus fought at the garden of Gethsemane to obey God and eventually defeated his fears and willingly went to the cross in submission to God's will even though the nails going through his arms hurt.

3. That i may choose right with all God's wisdom and revelation

I have met all kinds of guys, the ones with habits they won't give up, the straight and the narrow, the weak minded and the weak kneed, the prince charming with all the wealth, the seemingly perfect, all have the same thing in common, they are humans with flaws.I pray that i choose the man who would willingly submit himself to the leadership of the holy spirit everyday to break him and mold him and recreate his character and be willing to walk with the holy ghost all the days of his life. so lord, i am asking for a man with a teachable spirit, not who has arrived so that when the storms of life come, we can together find security in you and in your word. (I sure don't want to be the pastor in the home).

4. That i may be willing to grow and have the patience to prevail

I have learnt that millionaires are not made in a day; that they are made by revelation from God's spirit. so even though i have dated guys with money, i understand that money is not everything because we never ever get to meet the real them. money is not the criteria by which i choose a husband. If a man is not rich in his mind and God is not his source, all the money he ever receives is bound to fly away. I pray that i will have the patience to grow and watch my husband grow into all that God has called him to be.

5. That i may glorify God and express unspeakable joy and enjoy my singleness

That i may glorify God always no matter the circumstances. that i may trust God fully and of course learn to yield more and get closer to the Holy spirit.

In Jesus name, Amen