Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Xmas and the bestest new year...

Merry Xmas and a prosperous new year to all of you that made my year memorable and helped me see good where i thought there was only evil.

to funkola
she's like the best friend i don't have now, if you check up on earlier posts, she's like always encouraging me

to neefemi who taught me about love and life and letting go cos you just can't control everything

to nigeriandramaqueen who blogs about paris, bulimia and physical abuse. she's the best, if blogville was boring, she was sure to be interesting.

to dante, who made me blog again when i nearly gave up blogging, the only guy who's fly and still understands gals, he doesn't think we are all about the money and the fashion.

to invisible, my blog big brother who coached me through many of the issues i had in 2008 and 2009

to mz dee one of the most interesting bloggers i know until canada stole her away from us, i hope she will blog again soon

to rayo who says it like it is, read her blog and you will be halfway between horrified and fascinated (what twilight and moonlight does to me) but you will never be able to resist coming back.

to chari and b'cups, the best couple i know on blogville

to b'ratti his poems are just so vivid and since i love stories i am always figuring them out.

to myne whitman a really talented writer but her warmth comes across on the online page. (you go girl!)

to kafo her piece on sarah palin tore my sides (from laughing)

to leggy, olufunke, zoebeliever, sir scribles, sugarking (can't believe i included you), BSNC, fragile looks, mike.

Happy xmas and a prosperous new year to y'll, expect the best this xmas.