Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Got tagged! yeah baby

I want to say thanks to Beautiful, Jaycee  and Neefemi people I consider my blog sisters…
I love you guys a lot, thanks for your words. 

Words are important to me and they are very powerful so I don’t take it lightly!

1.       I am intense, deep, I think, I write and I get happy easily, I also get hurt easily. I could change myself, I have been trying for decades but I have given up and accepted me as I am, I guess God made me this way for a reason. I am a people watcher like jaycee.
2.       I commit seriously and so it takes a while for me to become a person’s friend and it is difficult for me to stop being friends, I give a lot of second chances. I am faithful and loyal and I expect this two qualities in people I consider my friends. I think I am mature enough to know that you may consider some people your friends but the sentiment is not returned.
3.       I guard my heart diligently. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but I discriminate a lot because I know the people you let in will influence you greatly and will inevitably change you and so if I see a person with qualities I don’t like, I automatically know that I will not be letting this person in.
4.      I believe that I know who I am (in Christ that is). I believe that ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…’ so I make sure that I take whatever I hear from people seriously no matter what they say to the contrary. The words they speak is who they are. What does this say about me? I am careful about the words that I speak because it is speaking about me and either building or breaking me.
5.       I forgive easily. I am also a pretty strong willed person even though my mien or voice does not usually show but I am strong on the inside, this only because I have Him living in me.
6.      I laugh easily if I trust you. I tell really hilarious jokes if I trust you and I tease  a lot. But if I don’t trust you, you become the catalyst to make me ‘mute’ outwardly anyway because I am usually thinking, talking in my head a mile a minute and I am constantly making back up plans upon back up plans.
7.       My life is defined by the word of God. I am spirit, soul and body committed to ‘Jesus’ and I find my identity in Him every second every minute everyday.


Now I need to contact these folks and let them know I think they are stylish and versatile. I love you my blogfam!

What I haven’t done: i will back sha!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The shit coulda hit the fan but it won't...

I know they read here but i don't care.

Two sides of me!
The one that cares:
Why do they do this all the time?
The one that doesn't:
This is the way they have always lived, they don't know that trusting Jesus is not religion; it is simply trusting him in words and actions daily, i mean everyday, you are not allowed to trust yourself even if you want to. Do you know the meaning of trust? I thot so!

The one that cares:
How am i going to walk in love now?
The one that doesn't:
If Jesus said to walk in love, it is because he knew it wasn't going to be a walk in the park. It is because He knew you would need His help because if it is going to please Him, then you can't be pretending like them. They live in hell on earth because their emotions aren't real, their thoughts and words aren't real. heck! i can't survive like that even if i wanted to.

The one that cares:
What am i going to do for money?
The one that doesn't:
He supplies my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ; something they are going to have to believe if they want want to increase.

The one that cares:
How much can i love Jesus? Why does He make all this demands?
The one that doesn't:
Jesus knows what you need and where you need to grow and He's not intimidated by anything or anyone.

The one that cares:
When is this bulls*t going to end?
The one that doesn't:
It is working together for your good, just consider this a training for learning how to walk in love. Victory will come out of this.

The one that cares:
Who is going to be left  standing when all of this is over

The one that doesn't
I hear God say, "I love you, i love your family more than you do, i can take care of you all, it is cause to be thankful and glorify me"

The one that cares:
This is crazy, i mean laughable, no yankee movie can be this good, it is just that the actors are just no good, they over-act, if not the movie could even be considered interesting!

The one that doesn't
Be still and know that i am God

This is a honest blog, a total 'i don't care what you think, honest blog'

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ta da!

I have plans for the year
They are all plans to improve me and increase me and everything about me

I'll be praying more in tongues and having fellowship with God more often and meditating on God's word. I'll be contending for the gospel each time.
I will meditate on five scriptures everyday for 21 days and then change it and i will fellowship with God everyday for 10 days. I did on the 1 January and since then i have been keeping my duty. I will try to fellowship today 

I'll be experiencing increase this year on all area's, i'll be breaking forth on the left and on the right. I'll be growing steadily in God

Unfortunately i'll not be making new friends. I'll be trying to maintain and keep the one i don't have already

Character wise:
I'll be learning to walk in love again and in kindness and to expecting good from people, and becoming more like Jesus.

I will be improving my skills, writing, computer skills, investing in a business and starting a business of my own this year.

Writing: I will be writing more often, novels, short stories, articles for newspapers. I will be writing and developing my writing skills as i go along.

I will be getting into a relationship this year. I will definitely start hanging out with my friends because my bff and my sisters insist i must have a social life and i agree so i am closing my eyes and leaping and surprisingly i am absolutely terrified of commitment and other stuff...

I will start a Masters this year or a qualification exam and a project that will change the lives of people so i look forward to a very fulfilling year that will bless me in the doing and bless others...

I think i like the way my life looks already but now i have to decide to do and start acting.

It is kind of scattered but this is who i am...

I thank God for divine surprises because i have been saying lately that "There has got to be more to life than this".
I need more again
It sounds a little like my pre- born-again self.
I can't figure it out yet but i will do soon.

and He's not saying anything so i'll just have fun and enjoy my life.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year...

Its a new year, yippee!
I cannot be thankful enough for God helping and guarding and leading me into this year in victory.
I trust God's word and God's spirit and He has said '...not to fear but to be courageous that all is well and i hesitated a bit but this year i am trusting!

It's a great year and it began with a bang.
Changing some things about myself but the values are remaining the same.
Planning to shine as light no matter what may come my way because i have the spirit of God living inside of me. I am the one with a conquering spirit that cannot be defeated.
I am deciding what is good enough for me and what is not. I am not suffering fools gladly but will walk in love because contrary to what many folks believe, going God's way pays and side benefits, you get to move mountains in the name of Jesus.

It may not seem like much but i would rather the Holy Ghost be the captain of my ship rather than me. I know that His word is my jairos and that his principles work for me because i believe them and i speak them.

Peace as you travel this year.
I prophesy to you that you are more than a conqueror and that all the days of your life, no one will be able to stand before you and word of advice: never be afraid to call on God!
Have a super duper year, there is nothing ordinary about you if you believe in Jesus!