Sunday, April 28, 2013

Them that are led by the Spirit of God...


So I want to write about recent happenings
My sister got married and it is a good thing
What some people said and prayed and plotted
that it wouldn't be done has been achieved.

I don't know what is on the grapevine
but there is certainly something brewing
Instead of people talking about the new word
they heard or something about God that excites

They talk about people, now it would be good
if they could change anything but they can't
and they don't even want to
I guess it is one of the characteristics of a megachurch

The people in a mega church are more interested
in other people's lives than in God
Well its my turn now and I am ready to get married

Come what may, God will walk with me on this road
I waas preoccupied again as usual
so when is it now that I can minister to someone
when my propagandist have gone ahead of me to
spread bitterness before I even get there

The word still blesses on twitter and on facebook
but in this church, no. And I am not the carpenters son
ordinary Jesus, I am the son of God

I know what they try to deny: the power of God
They are guaranteed to see more anyways
Cos it is not me, it is God doing His thingy so
He will answer them for me.

I know that they don't care but should they really? God is doing His thing
with or without their imput!

Friday, April 12, 2013



I know what I want
Everyone is doing their best to confuse me

I know what I want
I am just not sure what God wants

If he would just give me a word tomorrow

Holy Spirit
Give me discernment!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


MTN made my life miserable today

To whom it may concern

You made your choice
I have made mine

Get out of my business and
stick your head in 'yours'

In other matters....

I am sorry for a sorry network!