Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My 'papa' didn't raise no fool...

So my spiritual dad taught me good. He did not raise a chic that would not know a 'playa' from a real guy.

So there's being drama in the office as usual. compared to last year, i have been prepared for any drama both physically and emotionally.

Guess what i did? i laid my sh..t bare to myself. i weighed the options, checked what i would gain and what i would lose. I checked where i stood with God if i would be pleasing him or not and put my self out there. I still covered my rear cos when you are at war in deep waters; you really don't know who has got your back and a superior somewhere told me "in this office, if you think anyone has got your back, you have got to be joking", i just told myself "abi one with God is majority, God has got my back then"
so i knew i was on my own so i called on the God of Abraham, in my case i wwill call him the God of Tisha. lol

I would have gotten hurt had i not prepared. i needed to know if it was worth it and all that. i still don't know

Good thing: I covered all the bases and i came out looking good and i was still sincere. i feel good about me and about the decisions i have been making. i know i will get God's best for me. How? He's got my back all the way. I am following the letter totally so i am good with God and with the folks around me. Monkey business is going on but i know the God who stands for me is not dead, i serve a living God.

I am still dreaming big! no one can take that away from me.

If you don't understand, don't worry, it just means you havent been keeping a date

... still tisha all the way
Smile (Confidence is contagious and i have excess because He's speaking again)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i love to love...

I love how you are consistent
how you can be yourself and still love!

I love how i can be so totally losing it
and you still love me

i love how i can be focusing on my flaws and inadequacies
and still you love me

i love how i can be feeling that there's more, i mean there ought to be more
and you complete me

i love how i can be searching for guarantee
and you show me your words (o how they lift me)

i love how when i was searching, desperate desolate and you found me
just cos you love me

there can be no other like you...

i love how when i am searching for my boaz
and you say you hold him

thank you for helping me know how to love
cos you put your love in my heart

thank you for keeping my boaz
cos you love me.

I wanted to write a poem about my love for my boaz but i don't totally know how to love a man except God teaches me and so i wrote the poem to the lover of my soul, the one who completes me so i can complement another (......)