Friday, June 12, 2009

i fear i have been a little too me

i have made decisions i am proud of but that have not been easy. 
It used to be so easy to blog here. I am more me today than i have been for the last 6 months and for the first time in six months, i can say that i am actually growing and not second guessing my self or my actions. 

i love my work, what i do, it defines me but not all of me. (Never be defined by what you do but by who you are - TD JAKES the bishop)  i appreciate who i am more and taking in the word, i am confident that i am bigger than anything that can come against me. I am at peace and i thank God for the friends that i have made on blogger and this is not a farewell note in case that is what you think. i am not running away anywhere. My dad has a new job again hurray. hope he will stick with it. i am better, more in control of me and a blessing to all the people i come across and i am growing everyday. that is good enough for me and for God. 

I avoid negative folks and hang around faith filled people. i am stronger mentally and emotionally and i am falling into purpose. i complain less even on my blog, i am purpose driven, a woman (lol, true true) who knows what she wants out of life and is determined to get it. plan to focus on the unseen. when it comes to spiritual wise, i am increasing everyday, operating in gifts i only ever dreamt about, sometimes i wonder if it is me, and then i decide that it is the zoe in me. 

i dont want to be a pastor sha, honestly, i would rather be a minister, lord please listen (i know i will fall into his purpose though) hey invisble and deola, howdy. for those that checked on me, thanks i appreciate it and have missed u guys, just cant blog as often as i want to right now. i can write unhibited and focus on the postive thanks to my blog, i have poured out all the things that used to hold me down and i have actually moved forward. theres nothing like having a blog. i am bolder, more confident, assertive and no longer ashamed. let me say naked and unashamed. i appreciate my loyal friends and even the disloyal ones, i have learnt a little from everyone i have met. 

I am thankful to God and full of faith and focused on the word, good things, no great things have been happening, you will soon be hearing about it. ciao hurray, my coz is tying the knot. (will gist u soon)