Friday, January 25, 2013

A sad post...

I bet they think they hurt me...
No I am just sad for them, and rather than keep quiet, I chose to speak
And they showed me their irritation like I should care.

They want to stay the same, I want to move at the speed of light
I want to walk in the supernatural, they want to remain the same.
It would be all the same if I just stepped off the face of the earth
So they can remain the same before GOD happened.

There lies their mistake
I am not the one that happened
It is GOD who happened.

I am not quite sure what I should do
Because God started it,
I want to leave with everything that is in me
They showed what they felt were honest emotions but I do
not have to accommodate their honest emotions
They should shove all their stupid thoughts up their religious butts

I have a life to live and I do not answer to them
I have a problem with people who say they follow Christ but do
the opposite of what He would do.
I owe them nothing, nothing at all; because I did not give my life to them

I just wish they would acknowledge the word of God or go back to their
previous religions, the ones they have erected back in the place Christ may
once have held.

NB: I choose to lift Jesus up anyways in my own little way
Not just in words but in actions and thoughts also


Saturday, January 19, 2013