Friday, October 28, 2011


Faith starts with knowing God loves you.
From the time i was a little child i used to sing this song:

He loves me, i cannot say why) 2ce
On Calvary's tree, he suffered for me
He loves me, i cannot say why.

Until i had a reason to doubt His love i wasn't so sure, i never did talk about many of the fellowships i went to who preached condemnation and every time after they had preached i would say, Jesus definitely doesn't love me, i am no longer perfect. Even in my beloved fellowship at times when my 'gist' would get around, some of the pastors would preach condemnation but my head pastor stuck to the truth in spite of how he might have wanted to join the crowd and i got my teenage bible where i was like the Berean (always cross checking), soon i was a bible scholar knowing what God was saying to me. So He loves me and i could never doubt it.

Scripture says 'Believe and you will see'
Don't trust in what your eyes can see, trust in what God reveals to you in your spirit as you spend time with him enough to hear. I have had the opportunity to believe before i see several times but my real name means favor and so i just happen to believe that God always reserves the best for me. He is a perfect God and His mercy is towards me always. He fixes that matches i fight so i am constantly sure of victory even though i am not physically super strong but the Holy Ghost is constantly waiting to help me, my hero, my super man.

I love to worship. When i worship, i seem so invincible, at that very moment i believe that i can do anything and i am not afraid of nothing, His presence makes me strong. I know how to surrender and give Him everything. I have been criticized for worshiping severally, told i wasn't good enough or perfect enough to worship but no one can stop me from doing something from which i get strength.

The God who loves me, His word is infallible, i believe it! Yep i said it. I believe the word of God. I am grateful for His love. His word is my energizer and quickener, i love God. Yes, it is because He loved me first but heck i didn't even know love before i met Him.

Another lesson is that all things are created by thought.
I choose to discipline my thoughts and cast down every wrong thinking pattern by the help of His word, my latest goal is to renew my mind. I have been praying, thank God for grace. I feel like i have been in a desert and just come out to an oasis (The spirit of God & the word of God)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moammar Gaddafi is dead!

@washingtonpost: VIDEO: Moammar Gaddafi shown reportedly killed in Sirte R
It's sad abi i have to retort to this to get some attention. I am not sad to say that I am happy this man who has caused so much sadness for people in Libya is dead. It sounds almost as good as when i discovered at midnight on twitter that Osama Bin Laden was dead. 
I have missed all my tweet family and when i went to ex sch nerd's site i discovered why, they are hopping from blogger to twitter to google plus.
Olufunke is back and she wrote something on how she is thankful and then listed so many things i don't identify with so much. Not so much that it isn't true, it is just difficult for me to rejoice because things are not going so well.
I am thankful because His love for me is unending. I am thankful because He has good plans for me even though i may not see them yet but they are true. I am thankful that He has a good life planned for me, that He takes care of my family that He knows tomorrow and that i am connected to Him *I think this is a great way to be thankful*. I am sorry about all the people that did not make it but i will not be one of them, i am a conqueror because He lives in me.
Myne does not comment here any longer and maybe it is because i am not nice but i am not in the mood to be nice to anyone, i am in a blunt mood, i tell it as it is! She does have a new interesting novel she is writing about, i love true romance for anyone that is interested, you can click above.
I have been bugging my dad, what is my best phrase? 
"What can a man give in exchange for his soul?"
as much as he has done wrong (so much) i wish he could really commit to God and i pray to God for him that He would divinely encounter God and it seems so impossible but i am unimaginably favoured to be serving a God who doesn't want situations that seem like He can deal with them, He's not intimidated so He can deal with them and take care of my family too.
I think i am done picking on folks 
You  can check it at the link above...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I still live

*I thing the blogfam have given up on me, no comments on three posts

Showing no regret for one's wrongdoings
The lady from yesterday, yeah, i am sure you guessed that she is unrepentant, people are saying i should have pushed her back. Instead she told me she wasn't my mate; yes, she isn't, she's my colleague whether she likes it or not and she has no right to be rude to me, and i will teach her so.

I am writing the imagery of what is going on
my chest is constricted, i can't breathe
I feel like a vise is tightening my neck,constricting me, my essence
As i walk, i see all eyes  no many eyes full of hatred
open hatred, deep hatred
I go somewhere to a room and i am pushed, twice!
disdained openly, disrespected and embarassed
The environment is so threatening
 I wonder how i got here and why
everything is so tough seems so tough
The words on the inside of the walls
speak of hope, restoration, but barely outside the walls
all i hear is mocking laughter, the struggle for survival
the harsh terrain of the world system, shocking contradictions
I feel calm on the inside
everyday the waves of hostility
try their darndest to shatter my fortress of calm
and i am tempted to break my fortress
and walk in the flesh and in what i see with my human eyes
judgment, their own personal opinions of how everything MUST go

But i refuse to be bogged down
I refuse to come down to the fleshly, earthly, sensual, carnal, slave to my senses level
I am a slave to righteousness, dead!
I am dead to the emotions, whims and caprices of man, even mine
My face is set in one direction only
I am unmoved by the very loud voices of unspoken words
God is working, i am convinced He's bringing me GOOD
Even when mouths are forced to remain closed
the eyes still speak but i look beyond them to the countenance of my God, He is the creator
skilled in creating GOOD circumstances as i keep SPEAKING what He has said

As He is, so am i in this world and so in spite of what i see, i speak forth into the spiritual realm,
a new beginning for me and my family, we are expectant not just of new lives; we are expectant
that towards us as we believe, God is bringing us GOODNESS beyond our imagination

Even as i am aware that my name is in the mouth of many and thus in their homes
been smeared and another attempt to take me down, i smile into the eyes of the enemy
(Yes i am not unaware of the devices of the enemy)
I smile and say into the eyes of the enemy "In case you forgot, i told you i am a winner, more
than a conqueror, an overcomer in this life" 
Lol, a loud conquering laughter, Yes i can
You're gonna have to do more than that to take me down
and even then you won't succeed. I am marching forward, I can't be defeated
have you forgotten that He lives in me?
I haven't! The One who raised Jesus from the dead, He lives in me
Do you think He's just lying fallow, He's working in me, He's working in my family
He's doing the unimaginable, the incredible, He's energizing me and my family daily
He's doing wonders in me and in my family and i will yet see the marvels of God all the days of my life
I and my family will live a long and satisfying life (God's mind, man just learns from experience)
So i'm ditching my own mind and using the mind of Christ.


NB It's awesome to be a Christian, I am grateful to be connected to Christ. My imagination cannot be reined in, it runs, flies and soars free. I love this, it's not motivation, no not at all! It's divine inspiration, it's because He lives in me. He's not fallow or barren; He's alive and working in me.

State of mind: I wanna dance, let go, run free!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Annoyance is an unpleasant mental state that is characterized by such effects as irritation and distraction from one's conscious thinking. It can lead to emotions such as frustration and anger. The property of being easily annoyed is called petulance, and something which annoys is called a nuisance.

This might have been me if i responded to her provocation...God forbid!
I have made a decision to speak to this lady today because she was obnoxious and totally nasty and i will not take it lying down, i am going to talk to her now. She assaulted me physically in a room full of people and there is no excuse for such behavior especially when i was not begging her for anything. I hate this stupid system, i wonder how she sleeps at night or if she sleeps at night.
If i wanted to be understanding i would say that she is a deeply disturbed woman with so many problems she cannot afford to display courtesy to anyone but i am not in the mood fro being nice. She is very nasty and should just prune out that bad character trait or remain a babe forever.

She's gone home but i am sending a text to her tonight, she is going to have to change her behavior; no one rough handles me and gets away with it. It is certainly not Christ-character in anyway whatsoever and i am not looking the other way. I know she might never change but my growing up life taught me to never let anyone get away with assaulting me physically and she is going to hear it. I am just not going to be a 'hood rat' or an 'isaleko'  gal and fight with her in public.

If she was looking this cool, i may have even obliged her and it might have been a cat fight
but i daresay she is not a worthy adversary... (I just ignored her and walked out and to think that she thinks
she is better than me because she is rude, nasty and is not concerned about giving people their money's worth but
honest, i am just so pissed that she is Christian and she saw nothing wrong with harassing me physically, i am going
to talk with her tonight!)

Some people don't realize that Christians don't abuse other people physically, they don't talk nasty either but most people don't care about keeping God's word they think they are in a country club where everything goes!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I had a rhetorical question, it basically read: Can good come out of evil?

I don't know the answer, i don't care, i just i think! need to vent.
I feel contaminated, kidding! I know who i am, feelings are not reality.

Today i heard this silly rationalization and i had to comment, funny enough she did not get the answer right but i have been warned to stop correcting people, especially when they don't want to know the truth, i held my peace because many times people just want to sound knowledgeable.

When self meets God's will and self prevails, then self has got to be strong enough. I don't want to ever be strong enough for myself. I would lose my way if i had to walk blind. I broke through yesterday.

#Just wondering
It is used on twitter to describe a statement but here i intend to process and describe what i want to say.

It is strange to me, i don't know if it is strange to others but i am talking about me at this moment.

Question: How do you spend 24 hours a day (including sleeping time) expecting evil news, and then out of the blue you expect the goodness of God?

News gong! (just imagine it)
You cannot meditate on evil or wrong or bad things 24 hours a day and produce good, only a good heart produces good and that is determined by the content of that heart.

Bear in mind, you can say all the good things and yet have your heart full of all the wrong things (It is not only a word thing, it is also a heart thing).

It is unhealthy spiritually  for a believer to live that way, key word being BELIEVER.

I don't do anything in half measures. When i decided to follow Jesus, i promised i would do it all the way or I'd walk away #ToBeAFakeBelieverIsUnacceptable.

If i say i am a believer then it means that i believe God's word and all my actions follow through; so i am expecting good every single day.

Feel free to live every single day of your life observing 'lying vanities' i choose not to. That said, Go to hell!

I don't care what you believe, i don't care if you believe or not, all that i care about is that i believe and that God honors my belief in Him and in His goodness. I don't care about anything but that i believe cause that means that i am a believer not a pretender.

If i find out even for one minute that i am pretending, i'll walk away before living a lie.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What do i think?
I need to meditate
I never rush anything

By the way, God is still involved!
With me
and vice versa

Friday, October 7, 2011

Talking with God again

Getting intimate
I realize i went away
or went my own way
However much i tried to hold on

But He never let go
God is faithful
Now i have a lot of bad habits
to prune (more like uproot)
and i am working on them

I developed some really great stuff
I need to fine tune
Usually i knew that the devil
was my adversary and enemy

Now i am learning i have other enemies
like malice, unforgiveness
anger, judgmental attitudes
and that they are my enemies
because they stand in my way
stopping me from being open with God

I have won the battle o
worked on all these things 

i mean
I don't want any little foxes
spoiling my vine,
nothing is worth all that

Relationship with God comes first...
I need to guard the anointing of God's spirit on my life
Guard my heart, fight for my faith, His grace is sufficient

I won't settle for being a robot
I want a vital relationship with God
constant communication
cos only then can anything else make sense!