Thursday, July 4, 2013

Na wa o!

When we, the down-trodden, the beat-up, the heavy-laden, the grieving, and the sorrowful throw in the towel and give up, it is the Spirit that revives faith and hope the next morning. It is the Spirit who protects the bruised reed, and it is the Spirit who won’t let the sputtering flame go out.
They think that it is okay to break laws if they are doing it for the Christian family but it is wrong. Those practices are practices of a cult and they are only pissed because they feel helpless because they don't want to admit that God is wiser than them. Ta da!
Right now I feel terrible because no matter what I do that silly man is going to interpret it to mean whatever will work for the will he has already decided in his mind, what a weak puny mind, he's trying to pick on me. I want to be fired more than he wants to fire me right now, I am not scared of him, I am not scared of anyone. I just want to leave, I am tired of their bullshit because I can't feel the presence of God when we praise/worship, I can feel the pull of many people's will but because there is no surrender, how can we change ourselves without the Holy Spirit?
I can't teach them anyway, it is not my place. I can only show them how I worship God, I just empty my mind up to God and let Him do what He pleases, at least His will is constant, it is always good. They stole my umbrella to piss me off and they really don't care but that is because they are not surrendered to the Holy Ghost, they don't know how. Why am I still here? Am I still surrendered to the Holy Ghost? That stupid boy told me I am disrespectful, stupid little twat who is lawless, lacks self control and thinks that by shouting he can get anything done. He and his stupid wife are always trying to discredit me in little ways, I just wonder, if you are always trying to discredit me, when God speaks, you won't hear. But then that statement is pretty silly of me because they don't believe that God speaks.
Like the things of God, you cannot believe it with your head, until you believe it with your heart, you will never experience it. In foresight, the Holy Ghost was right, they are right for each other, they have been so beaten by life that they are small minded, bitter and competitive with me, still competing, I thought they would have left me alone by now but they are like pesky little insects, I am gonna be bold and say it out loud: it is like they watch me constantly and when they see a miracle in my life, they struggle to recreate it like Ramses sooth sayers. 
I feel like yelling at them, do your own thing, leave me alone. We are not running the same race, I am walking with God. 
I think he was a former witch and that he has gone back to his practice of witchcraft because he transfers sickness or weakness to anyone who he is close to and he is always desperate to seat around me. I also have a sneaky feeling that he had something to do with my grandmother dying last year. I am tired of their meddling, I would just love to be left alone, when you want healing, you don't go after a girl who was healed, you go after God, leave me alone in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
You see why I can't stand to talk to him, I can hear his intentions, the intentions of anyone who is talking to me. That is why I fought with my office colleague openly because I knew she had been betraying me for a long time. I was tired of her pretending and more than that I was pretending not to know her bullshit lying.
Mr I may lie and tell me I am delusional but on Friday he was dizzy all day, on Wednesday Mr G and Mr B were dizzy all day enough to be drinking boost. I understand a little about contact and transmission principle and Jesus didn't transfer sickness to people, he transferred strength. I know that no one will stand with me on this, they will all just lie through their teeth but God has always shown up for me; I am counting on Him showing up for me this time as well.
Righteousness: It is right standing with God and because of this gift I make bold to say that all of my family and friends are protected from witchcraft activity in Jesus name, amen. No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper in Jesus name, amen. There is no divination, neither is there any enchantment against us in Jesus name, amen. I thank You Father cause you back me and my family and protect us by the Spirit of God and cover me and all my loved ones with the blood of Jesus.
Lord Jesus, fight for me, I ask You to make war for me with all the resources that You have for me and my family in Jesus name, amen.
Witchcraft: Any manipulation in any form.
When the will of God is not sought in a matter, when the actions or inactions of a man/woman or group of persons is not subject to the word of God/counsel, the Spirit of God or love. 

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