Friday, December 9, 2011

baring my heart I

You know i honestly get tired of blogging this stuff
but i just need to offload some...

My environment tried to take me and shape me and make me
and many times i thot and felt that it had succeeded
I thought she had died, the one who lived to hope
But i discover today that she is not dead, i found out that
she's alive and stronger today than before she went into the fire
She certainly has stronger principles and a greater understanding of people
stronger values and a deep sense of what love really is
She understands God more and His plans and purposes
She loves better today than yesterday, she has a greater sense of right & wrong
and in spite of the darkness in the world; so dark you really have no idea

Through it all,
She has chosen to shine, come rain or sunshine
she is going to shine not like the stars but like the sun

Scriptures say that 'as He is in heaven, so are we on earth'

The new chic is convinced beyond the whims and caprices of man,
God does rule, He works everything according to the counsel of His will

I thank God i did not let the 'cynic' grow inside me. God loves me so much
he kept my heart strong enough and soft enough for growth.

I refuse to operate in the natural when there is a supernatural.

cont'd tomorrow!


  1. You are more than a conqueror in Christ who gives you strength... whatever it is you go through. Thank God for seeing you through... he never abandons his own.


  2. It's tough not giving in to cynicism. Sometimes you just want to give up on everyone and everything and sometimes, without realizing it, yourself.

  3. @Fantasy queen
    Thanks, i am used to being hated now but i aint going to have a pity party, it is just stupid.

    @Kenyan sis
    Yes, He is, i don't even know the half of it

    @Ade Moss's
    Not all, i left out a lot but i said as much as i could.

    @Etoile Oye
    I try everyday... i see what cynicism has done to others and its not pretty. I could never give up on myself, the greater One lives in me...but giving up on others, i don't know.


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