Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My complete the question!

i adapted it from A gem princess I am...: going home soon, i need to shop My ex-boyfriend was...: sometimes controlling and uncaring about my dreams. Maybe I should....: Hang out with friends soon! I love....: reading novels I don't understand....: why I have to pretend to satisfy someone else's ego or pretend just to adapt to another person's fake way of living. I lost my....: cool yesterday night and made some cool decisions My current boyfriend is....: don't have one and the one i thought i would gel for is not as stuck u as me, he enjoys being disrespected by other people just to be popular, that's a turn-off People say I'm...: rude and independent Love is....: patient and kind, does not keep record of wrongs (love kind more!) Somewhere, someone is....: thinking about how much they love me and i have been wired to not reciprocate love so i have to learn just in case God has some dream man He is sending ma way. I will always...: thank God and trust Him. Forever is....: a nice word when you have your true love and every thing is perfect with your family but i choose to praise God. I never want to...: see the ugly side of people, God loves me, i know! I think the current President is....: non functional When I wake up in the morning, I....: i tell God i love u and whisper a prayer that everything will work out for good cos i love Him. Life is full of...:good stuff and excellent stuff that should be experienced My past is incredibly...: amazing and certainly risque, you can't say its not interesting I get annoyed when...: a trusted person acts out of order or does the pretend stuff. Parties are for...: chatting and being pretty wall flowers, sampling food (i am a size 8) (i prefer come chops) I wish...: I can find the man of my dreams (with lotsa money and a nice house and car, simple stuff right!)and get married and give birth to twin sons and a daughter and to work freelance and also a job i love! Tommorrow I'm going to...: go for the experience! I really want some....: chicken and chips with ketchp from a 5 star hotel in ikeja I have low tolerance for people who....: self-righteous and suffer from huge bouts of envy and gossip often. If I had a million dollars...: i would not buy shares, i'd start my business and open a home for abused women and children. i would also live in a 5 bedroom house with my cosy family and constantly be involved in charity.


  1. I enjoyed reading this!
    nice way of 'adding' the answers to the questions.......I am already thinking of my own answers

  2. Very interesting.

    You need to learn how to reciprocate love though. It's a 2 way street - give and receive.

  3. @deola
    hmmm right back at you

    love adding my thots

    i am trying. reciprocating love seems almost impossible to me but i am better than last year.

    it is easier to be polite...


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