Thursday, March 26, 2009

Okay i told myself i will blog today

Enough of running away from blogger. i told myself i will blog today. i am not sure if i have missed blogger award or not. there are many pple who i love and appreciate on blogger and would love to. first of all i was interrupted by my b bro and so could not blog, for everyone who was offended, i apologise. To tee, and dante and chari and funkola and fashinga, so so sorry. i will make this worthwhile. to think you still check on my blog even though i took a long sabbatical. okay so let me talk about wh the story ended last year. i swore i would never blog about naija denzel but i put myself on a regimen and if i don't, it would make the event seem of some importance to me. first of all, i want to say that i grew emotionally and spiritually and socially and i learnt that i am much stronger than i thought or rather that God loves me too darn much He gave and He spoke and i listened... (story for another day) So i finally got closure, i am not sure exactly when it happened. all i know is that like we all know when there is anything emotional in an office setting, things often get difficult and they got really difficult for me. So by now you all know that i am not dating him but what you did not know till now is that he's been dating another gal that he was also let me use the word shadowing, the chic i wrote about in earlier posts that eyes me when she sees me. I should have been upset but i at the ripe old age of 20+ know that guys usually do not ask only one gal out. so i took it in stride. I am blogging about it now because i finally got closure a few weeks back and i am convicted about what i did being the right thing. I was unlike me for a while and mainly because i could not blog about it so all the emotions were locked up inside moi. I really wished i was a guy for a short time but i came to my senses fast. I would not give up fashion and feminine wiles for anything. imagine the wedges and capris and body hugging t-shirts i'd miss wearing. not to appear too shallow but a gal's gotta be shallow a bit. So i adapted and its the end of this story but new ones will be coming up soon.


  1. lol. Oya write a post naaaa, write something. nice site, first time here.

  2. blog already!!!!

  3. Hey baybay!!!! so when are you gonna come post somthin??


  4. Lol...First time!!
    Post Post..Luvn it alredy!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Came to tell you that I'm back.

  6. wow..that sucks..

    and from the little u said about him, he didnt seem to be the type..

    glad u've gotten closure..

  7. goodto knw u'v gotten closure...happy re-forging ahead


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