Friday, July 24, 2009

The 5- post thats going around like a bug...

My favorite song for last month was "if i were a boy", my favorite song for this month is "How can i keep from sing" 5 things that I would like to do: 1. Go somewhere fun like the Bahamas.. 2. Write with no pressures, i mean something more than bloggin, blogging is fun, i mean a project, a book or something. 3. be less distracted and more committed to God. 4. Write a romantic book, i am not funny, i am rather sweet 5. Spend time with my family (ma famille) 5 things that I look forward to: 1. A well-cooked meal as opposed to the fish smell poisoned food i get these days (i am sure my mum is mad at me cos everyone knows i can't stand the smell of unfried fish in food) 2. Romantic and High school movies (watched Twilight, crazy movie where a gal was in-love with a vampire who saved her life; i fell in love with the actor and not the vampire, i absolutely hate evil, can't forget that) 3. When i will be able to kiss unrestricted (something tells me it won't be much of a big deal anylonger; it will be stupid to say yes to Dee just because i want to kiss... don't even know if i want to kiss him...)(okay right now i am off kissing strange enough i absolutely detest kissing and i would not like to be owned, i want a partnership, have no problem with submission though! lol, yes i know its crazy and maybe its fear but this came upon me friday morning) 4. Visit Abuja and Calabar 5. Growing up (I know i am grown up but every day i still feel like a teenager if not that i now work for a living, i would have thot that i was still 19 in my parent's house) 5 things that I’d grab if my apartment caught fire: 1. make sure everyone's safe 2. My laptop (yeah, its an investment) 3. My creamy sandals (i just got them and they are creme de la creme) 4. My (i am thinking really hard...) sister cashmere sweater 5. My (i have jammed rock) my brothers radio (really cute one). The things that i value are more human than material possessions, maybe i'll change soon but i don't really think so! 5 random things about me: 1. I hate cooking food with raw or boiled fish, i'll throw up everything like 5 minutes later (which is currently why i am not eating at home and its telling on me) 2. Music soothes my soul, i can absolve almost anything no matter how terrible or ghastly and pour it out to God in worship (i guess that is what he meant when He said cast your cares upon me for i care for you...) 3. I love jeans and cotton tops and flat shoes even though i am terribly sexy on heels. (can't handle the attention which is why i am usually dressed girl next door even though occasionally i dress "sexy diva") 4. I prayed to God for my boobs to stop growing at size 34, i did not care what my beau would think, all that mattered was me, i hate boob-bouncing and with the kind of bras i wear, i don't bounce even when i (the mind of a thirteen year old) 5. God and my family are the most important thing to moi! There is enough of me left for my beau sha! lol 5 things that I’m wearing right now: 1. Grey Calvin Klein T-shirt 2. Dolce and Gabbanna jeans 3. Human hair honey and brown 4. Cream atmosphere sandals 5. Black and white strapped bra and a black thong I thought it would be more, i enjoyed this... Peace


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog
    i'm been erratic about posting recently but it should normalize when school resumes

    so is this your main blog


  2. Pictured u in my mind and i can bet you a a beautiful chic.:)

    I used to hate boiled Fish too, but now i don't mind it.

  3. @kafo
    hmmm! any answer would be crazy. This is my fav blog, i think that is a safe answer.

    i thot u had given up on blogging, thanks for the compliment, not really good at accepting compliments...

    i can only stand boiled fish in yam pepper soup...

  4. its funny u put ur hair as something ur

  5. @ biro chic

    @ unwritten
    thats because my hair colors actually brown and i am "wearing" a weave.


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