Tuesday, August 11, 2009

betrayal stinks more than love...

By the way i believe in love, i believe it is the greatest force on earth, 
it never fails and love is the greatest gift you can ever give anyone -Tisha

you can quote me anywhere, this is what i believe. (I also believe in Jesus, he's the centre of my world) okay so my kid sister let me call her Chloe has this ibo friend Nne and another friend lets call him Cute face. she went to school with cute face and they are really good friends. have not seen each other for quite a while and cute face is now a player. well her friend just got back from school and she introduced them and then after two days she goes to cute face house and her friend nne is over there and hanging out in the room and she did not say hi to his mom or siblings (in her mind, she's the g.friend and doesnt have to greet his mom or sibs). 

She's now hostile to my sis and its crazy coz she acting like she does not know her or at least is not loyal to her. so after nne's gone, her friend cute face comes out and they yarn and then he escorts her home. on the way home, they have this big fight and in the end he tells her that it will be over in 3 weeks (interpretation: he would have slept with her by then). my sis is defending her supposed friend and he says i quote "shut up, she's not your friend, i know more about her in the one week i have met her than you know about her in 4 years" and my sister is speechless. 

Its obvious she has lost her friend all because of her cute face best friend from high school, she's warned him to stop telling her about his runs with gals, its crazy cos his parents are committed Christians and he grew up in church. I have met him and he's a very well behaved young man (albeit with a too high opinion of himself). my sis says its because every woman young and old that cross his path are attracted to him and want him physically. that may be true but i think its warped cos he's a young man that is going somewhere to happen, if he can conquer his bad habits. 

Now my sis is in the middle because nne sis chi is one of her close friends and its crazy but chi is having a bday next month and she's wondering if she can go to the party without having a showdown with her friend. In my blunt manner, i told her that if cute face boy can make her turn then she might as well have told my sis they weren't friends from the beginning, she's acting all hostile and my sis is angry cos the chic who has been her friend for 4 years has betrayed her for a 3 week booty call... 

Is that all their friendship is worth, my sis is a little disillusioned, i am not sure what to tell her. (had a friend many years ago too, man came between us and funny thing she does not have the man today but she felt he was worth more than what we have. that can make you cynical about making friendships... i am not too open with making friendships, because if they are not going to last why bother?)


  1. wow
    na wa oooo
    i have never seen friend drama like this before

    i hope your sister follows ur advice

  2. i agree with your advice.....i can count my female friends men....guys r way better

  3. @kafo
    see me o, the chic was a wonder.

    yeah, my sis is reducing her female friends and i just do not make any female friends any longer, i am more likely to gel with a guy


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