Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i love to love...

I love how you are consistent
how you can be yourself and still love!

I love how i can be so totally losing it
and you still love me

i love how i can be focusing on my flaws and inadequacies
and still you love me

i love how i can be feeling that there's more, i mean there ought to be more
and you complete me

i love how i can be searching for guarantee
and you show me your words (o how they lift me)

i love how when i was searching, desperate desolate and you found me
just cos you love me

there can be no other like you...

i love how when i am searching for my boaz
and you say you hold him

thank you for helping me know how to love
cos you put your love in my heart

thank you for keeping my boaz
cos you love me.

I wanted to write a poem about my love for my boaz but i don't totally know how to love a man except God teaches me and so i wrote the poem to the lover of my soul, the one who completes me so i can complement another (......)



  1. awwww i totally adore this....this is too precious... "so i wrote the poem to the lover of my soul, the one who completes me so i can complement another" that right there says it all...

    so ummm why haven't i heard about this boaz before now? gist pls

  2. Lovely!!

    I started to read this and just knew who you were writing about...love the last part.

  3. I love this girl,the depth of the words!

  4. loving this gurl. he sure completes us.

  5. @neefemi
    i love it too. i wrote it o, to the lover of my soul. (uhmm smiles).

    Boaz, uhm, ruth is not my fav heroine when it comes to the bible, its tamar, the one in the lineage of christ... and then queen esther who married xerxes (xerxes is not my idea of a hero sha)

    i like it too

    leggy, one word contribution, that means you don't get it totally.

    @repressed one
    great, you get it. Its God.

    i love ya too.

    i pray for more depth.

    @fragile looks
    He completes me o, i don't know what i would do without him

  6. @blogoratti
    yes. The greatest force on the planet, even after many centuries.

  7. funkola
    Hey babes, how are you doing? my soul is good but my heart is down. still praying

  8. beautiful words at play!

    inspiring 2!

  9. hi tisha! sorry i had prob with my internet connection this passed weeks.

    oh, by the way, you never failed to make my day great. i love your posts especially the poem. glad to i discovered your blog. have a lovely day!

  10. This is so beautiful. I have no doubt that you will be able to complement and complete another :-)

  11. @jenskie
    i am so glad i made your day, just pray i can continue being honest on this blog.

    I have absolutely no doubt either (that is when i find him sha)
    thanks for dropping by, are you blogging again. received courage from your blog. Thanks for blogging for real!

  12. I have just found your blog and have been reading your posts. They are wonderful. I especially enjoyed this one.

  13. @ Miles per hour
    was going down memory lane too. hey


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