Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My 'papa' didn't raise no fool...

So my spiritual dad taught me good. He did not raise a chic that would not know a 'playa' from a real guy.

So there's being drama in the office as usual. compared to last year, i have been prepared for any drama both physically and emotionally.

Guess what i did? i laid my sh..t bare to myself. i weighed the options, checked what i would gain and what i would lose. I checked where i stood with God if i would be pleasing him or not and put my self out there. I still covered my rear cos when you are at war in deep waters; you really don't know who has got your back and a superior somewhere told me "in this office, if you think anyone has got your back, you have got to be joking", i just told myself "abi one with God is majority, God has got my back then"
so i knew i was on my own so i called on the God of Abraham, in my case i wwill call him the God of Tisha. lol

I would have gotten hurt had i not prepared. i needed to know if it was worth it and all that. i still don't know

Good thing: I covered all the bases and i came out looking good and i was still sincere. i feel good about me and about the decisions i have been making. i know i will get God's best for me. How? He's got my back all the way. I am following the letter totally so i am good with God and with the folks around me. Monkey business is going on but i know the God who stands for me is not dead, i serve a living God.

I am still dreaming big! no one can take that away from me.

If you don't understand, don't worry, it just means you havent been keeping a date

... still tisha all the way
Smile (Confidence is contagious and i have excess because He's speaking again)


  1. its really nice that you are trusting in Jesus all the way.

  2. lol...i don't understand and ive been following o = but what i understand is ur faith and trust in God and that is beautiful and worth emulating - so keep it up cos u might be the only Jesus some people will ever meet

  3. Good thing you had everything covered...keep ur head up.

  4. I dont understand but im happy for you and your trust in God

  5. @leggy
    yep, i hope you can let yourself trust Him too

    This is so beautiful, i think this is the best compliment i have gotten all year.

    i do

    i don't totally understand but i trust God

    @anyone else
    (meaning invisible)
    make sure you comment next time you read through even if its only hi you say.

  6. Im saying hi...
    And Ive been following but I dont get...:(

    And im jealous of ur complete and utter faith and trust in the God of Abraham.

  7. God of Tisha! Dats personalizing him. Me likee. He's d only one who's got our back. Remain focused.

  8. It's been a while girl, nice to read that you're doing good. Our God never fails. All the best with the job.

  9. Yea continue dreaming big :)

  10. @ fabulola
    its taken a while to trust Him this much. sometimes i fear trusting God like i fear trusting man.

    @fragile looks
    yes i will

    living from day to day by faith

    i need to dream like i am not the one that will fulfil it.

  11. I agree - dream BIG, cause dreams do come true and you're correct, no one but you can ever take that away.

  12. you are a wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove but remember to listen to the holy spirit. don't judge according to your eyes and please don't be ruled by sensory perception.

  13. @ Don
    Am trying

    @Lady A
    These days, its almost a strain but i won't do it any other way.



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