Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love this...

(A friend gave me this, i call it a 'title deed'. This pix reminds me of this verse in the bible. It says, "The path of the righteous is as a shining light, shining ever brighter until the perfect day" Can you see the light rays peeking through, very soon it will be shining so bright, no shadows will be seen. The difference is clear between the shining light and the one that is shining brighter and i want to be the brighter light and i want to be able to pay the price too.).

I know everyone is wondering “Has ‘Tisha’ gone fanatic on us?” well, its funny se, but this is me so bite me! I am good; there is peace and calm home and abroad. Every challenge meets its supply as need arises. I am growing, I think, still love God, I just don’t know how far I am willing to go.

I was at home when it came to me, you must be wondering what? My mind has been on the cross lately and I was wondering ‘The cross is my beginning!’ why shouldn’t I think of it and my mind was wondering about that other guy who was the first to partake of the grace and the favour of God.

It must have been a day like this one, maybe the sun was rising slowly or maybe not, whichever the case, three men had been nailed on a cross and sentenced to die. They knew what would happen to them. What was special about this crucifixion? They had a crowd of people following, many were following the man Jesus and they were saying stuff, people were saying the man ‘Jesus’ could do amazing things, he had raised the dead and opened blind eyes, unstopped deaf ears and cast out devils, he had fed thousands, in fact anyone that came across him got changed in one way or another.

Two men were with him on the cross and as they waited to die on the cross, one was scornful and one was humble. One scorned Jesus while the other spoke with him, even defended him. The one asked Jesus to save himself while the other rebuked him saying This man has done nothing deserving of death but we have sinned, we deserve this death on the cross”.

Guess what? The man wasn’t expecting to receive anything, he just knew that he deserved to die but Jesus was innocent and he declared it with his mouth. What did Jesus say? He turned and looked at him and said, “Today you will be with me in paradise”. 

I have always wondered what the guy said that separated him from the other guy who obviously went to hell that day because he wouldn’t make right choices. He saw Jesus and rejected him while the other guy by his words was saved (speak right words based on the word of God always no matter what you see)
Well, Romans 10:17 hadn’t been written yet but this man confessed that Jesus was Lord and that he was an innocent man dying on the cross while the robbers were deserving of death. This man asked Jesus for help and Jesus granted him passage to heaven just like that. It is even now I see the mercies of God so clearly. This man wasn’t a ‘goodie goodie’ but howbeit his heart was in the right place, he could receive from Jesus…

Guess what? When Jesus said he would be with him in paradise today he believed. I choose to have the heart that this man had and to believe Jesus no matter what He says and not be afraid to ask cos Jesus is so good he would look beyond this man’s criminal act and invite him to paradise on the day this robber was fortunate to be crucified next to Christ. 

Favour just aint fair…

Hi y'll


  1. Favor is definitely not fair but I thank God for our loving father.

    How have you been?

  2. iLike....and true words there indeed ;)

  3. @Myne
    I am good o
    Not blogging often enough
    but still blogging

    Favour is my name!

    @My world
    I like too, lol

    Use the faith you have.
    I was just telling my sister that faith works
    You just have to use the faith you have.
    When you use it, it will grow.

    My prayer is that i keep responding to the word of God that i hear!

  4. I was telling someone recently that He said "you are the salt of the earth". Salt prevents infection, gives flavor to things & makes people thirsty.
    Our character & conduct has to make people thirsty for Jesus.Salt is a preservative,as God's people we are to help retard the growth of evil & moral decay. Salt does no good in the salt shaker,it has to make contact to have effect,just like we Christians need to be in contact with & impact the lives of people around us.
    The amazing thing about Jesus is everyone He came into contact with, He impacted on their life. Even while dying on the cross He made an impact.

  5. @ roc
    yeah, i pray i won't hold back from impacting people for Jesus.

    My pastor m once said my shyness was a manifestation of selfishness and now i agree.
    I pray i will have courage as God leads me.

  6. I have some pictures similar to the ones you have above - they are amazing and everytime I look at them, I am just in awe of God.

    "Every challenge meets its supply as need arises..." I love this statement, it is very encouraging and very true.

    We thank God for the opportunity to partake of His grace, favour and love (even though we were not the first :-) )

  7. @ Rita
    i feel as if i am the first person Jesus ever loved. I feel like i am the only one he loves. His love is amazing to me.


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