Monday, October 25, 2010

Back on track! I think...

I ask...

Did i get stuck in a rut?
Did i begin to play church?

A little. My mind was not always on God. My mind was always on. Is my boss happy? What are they planning? Do they really mean what they are saying or are they lying from behind their teeth like most people do? My mind was always on one thing or the other.

Is my mind back on God?
I don't know. It is on God many times. I try to judge my motive so i know i am not on the rat race. Sometimes it is just an annoying battle. Trying to keep up with what is going on in my office, trying to keep up with what is on my dad's mind. trying to keep up with my bff (Is she for real or is she kgb? How often is she real?)

You know it is kinda a roller-coaster when so much is going on.

My younger sis started working this month and like the goody-too-shoes i am, i am helping out. I am happy for her, she is one of those people who are not happy if they are not busy doing something. She works 7 days a week under a female. Uhhhmmp!

What am i saying? She gave me the perspective:
She said, "Tisha, my friend was talking to me the other day and she said , we eat by faith, drink by faith, get a job by faith, marry by faith, have kids by faith, choose the right career by faith, walk the right path by faith, abi how do you want to do it?"

I looked at her and laughed and said, "I don't want to use common sense or logic, it has failed many people before..."

So i left her feeling very confident. It didn't last long or did it. Fact is that many things try to compete with what i believe and i can remember the chinese proverb. The one you feed wins the battle. If you are not feeding your spirit with God's word, don't thing the devil will stop feeding your flesh, he has many people who help him and they are willing. So you better be willing to feed your spirit.

The just shall live by faith...

I know many people won't do this or they forget (like me sometimes). Holy Spirit, i am asking you to help me live by faith, help me remember to live by faith. I am i am strong on my inside because i am strengthened with might in my inner man and i know that God is for me big time. Father, help me depend on you.

I love you Jesus.

I love you all, blogfam, you know yourselves.


  1. I'm loving this dear.. Have a great week.

  2. that Verse is one of my favorite verses. I listen to Gloria Copeland a lot, and she has really helped me come to much stuff. I love your blog and the Bible Verses you write about. Facing a difficult situation right now where i have no choice but to have faith. I shall live by Faith not by sight

  3. Awwww sweet Tisha... I hear the battle in you - I feel your frustration - sometimes overwhelming you. I hear and feel this in you because It follows me - as well. Life in this season - everywhere it seems - is hard. Life aint for sissies :0 We have to be strong in the Lord to survive in this fallen world. I have to say daily "dress me, Lord" DRESS ME with the armor of the Lord.

    I love how you wrote this with such honesty and tenderness of heart. I want to encourage you to continue your walk 'by FAITH'. It is the only way to victory. I pray for now that the Shalom of Heaven will surround you and fill you in all the right places. May your burdens turn to JOY as you walk by faith. Because the Joy of the Lord is tour strength. run to him, Tisha, you won't be disappointed. Read Psalm 2 from The Message. It speaks powerfully into a reason to walk by faith. JESUS is the KING of all KINGS! ALL!!! I don't want to get caught following the wrong KING from this point forward! He is - and wants to be - our everything!

    I feel the Lord would have me copy here a poem by Jeanie Riely ..It been my favorite poem for 25 years. It never gets old. I hope it encourages you. And thank you for visiting the bridge today and asking how I am. I am in a tough season myself. Really tough. God is my constant. My nail in a sure place! The ONE THING that I can depend on. We must walk by faith and not sight because my sight is so full of ambushed thots right now. The enemy wants my head! Haha But my mind is stayed on Christ! Fixin my eyes on the author and perfecter of my faith.

    Sing MY SONG

    I wrote my purpose into you
    it is My song you have to sing
    I gave it to you with love.

    In your fear,
    you think you have your own song
    that the idea to sing
    is your own,
    and that the music depends on you.

    You are my precious child,
    and before you were even born,
    I had you in mind-
    And I am the One who wove the
    lyrics and the melody
    into the fabric of your life.
    So, My child
    sing MY song.

    Let the music flow through you with freedom
    as My love
    and power
    flow always through to you.
    And don't forget....
    the song in you is My idea.

    ~ Jeanie Miely

    Remember... it is His song you have to one elses will do. All He asks...all He's ever asked is that you sing His song. May His song burst forth in you - with pure JOY...and full of Glory!

    Just walk so close behind the Savior that the dust from His sandals settles on your feet.

    Just will be OK :)

    PS. I joined your place tonight. Guess I thot I had already.

    hugs to you girl
    patrina <")>><
    warrior bride in boots

  4. @ 2cute4u
    Thanks love
    I guess i do too
    Have a great weekend

    So be it too
    Have a great week love.

    I will add your url
    How are you? Please 'Live by faith'
    Good will be pleased and we will drop all those silly burdens. (At least i will drop the stuff that tries to weigh me down)

    @ Patrina
    Sometime i don't even know what i feel, its a roller coaster.
    I loved the song and the encouragement (I read it on my mobile phone and i felt comforted) just because someone understood and cared.
    Thanks so much. You are indeed a watch man.

    I am inspired to intercede again on behalf of the church, it takes so much discipline and i had let go for so long. I plan to start in 10 and 20 mins till i increase sha.

    Your life is an inspiration to me. You are a grandma. I pray i'll be like you when i grow up. caring and sweet. My biggest prayer is that i don't get jaded. 'A been there done that' kinda person about God.
    I want to be always a 'deer caught in headlights' with God so that He is always amazing me with His goosness.

    I am good. You are very fast, you know. what do you use? You are too too efficicnt. Wherever you work, you must be making big bucks, you are pretty smart.

  5. Keep Jesus before you - and don't expect anything from yourself.

  6. @ David
    Jesus is ever before me. It just dawned on me again yesterday that without Him, i am a wreck. Without Him, i cannot be organized and all-together. He gives me the confidence to lift my head high everyday and know that i am a champion.
    I love my Jesus!!!

  7. "The just shall live by faith." I'm simply inspired by that powerful phrase from the bible. And also by what your sister said. If we're people of faith, then shouldn't we live by this principle in 'every single thing under the sun?' It takes God's grace to keep walking in this lifestyle, but there's nothing impossible with God standing right by your side.

    Tisha, in this walk, I want you to know that you are ALWAYS triumphant. You always win in the end.

    “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.” - 2 Corinthians 2:14


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