Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today is a ranting day... i'll be ranting with the word.

Gone 360 degrees and we are right where we were three years ago
Fight what you don't understand.

I think they are acting true to form. Good thing is that several people have changed, the ones you would never expect are changing. so many have had their faith stirred up but i am weary in my soul from trying to resist fighting. God says i am fine and i can't say i don't believe. All i know is that i am in a flight mode, all i want to do is flee.
I know i said i was in the midst of a sea of wolves or should i say serpents and i am not ready to change my opinion.

As per my rev, it comes from:

Joh 1:12 and 13.
'But as many as received Him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name'.
'Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God'.

What does the first part mean?
As many as received Him:
You can receive him with your mouth but your actions reject him, your words reject him, your motives reject him, your plans resist him. Have you really received him? 

To them gave He power 
Some translations say 'right', 'authority', you can not become his unless he gives you the right, unless he shows you the way. you might think receiving him is an act, a religion or a club where you just copy. No it is a life. He puts His life in you and your spirit and his become one and folks it can't be explained. Spiritual things are foolishness to the uninitiated. You can't receive the holy ghost until your spirit is alive. Is your spirit alive? Do you even know that you are spirit?
Yes, you want to explain it abi, tell me how the red sea divided into two? tell me how Jonah survived 3 days and night in a fish/whale when we know they didn't have oxygen tanks then. Some things are just supernatural! Wouldn't you like access to such power? Well, you need to recognize that you need humility first so that God would trust that you won't destroy people with power you can't control!

to become the sons of God,
For a long time i used to ask myself if i was a son of God. Then one day i decided, this God loves me, He has done everything possible to prove it. I am a son, He says He gave me why am i acting like i am still as disadvantaged as the rest of the world. I am set apart, he has given me a deposit of the holy ghost, he loves me. I am a son. There is no amount of works i am going to do before he gives me a badge. I am a son because he made me a son so i can access the heritage of the sons

even to them that believe on His name'.
Then he crowned it by adding this. Do you believe on the name of Jesus? Are you using his name? When you pray, do you know you are not sending yourself. You are a messenger no an ambassador, the angels are the messengers. Are you acting like someone who the great God has sent or you are timid and fearful. he gave birth to you. He's your dad, He brought you fought. Next time you use the name of Jesus, don't be doubtful and fearful, He's a good God. The great God, not a great man sends you. Go with courage.

What does this mean? 
To the folks who think they got me saved, I am not born of blood...
I know you are forever quoting that the flesh is made of blood or whatever that is, don't know, don't wanna know. This means i consist of divinity, believe it or not, that is your problem. I don't consist of blood, you are free to be ordinary. I am born of God. I am delighted to know and be able to prove that i was born not of blood.

To the folks who have me labeled and won't let go. 
I am not born of the will of the flesh. Yes i see you. Laughing from the side of your faces, mocking or slaying with words. I have watched you mock people over the years (people you should be building, its your responsibility, you accepted that responsibility). You laugh but your eyes never laugh, i hear you telling me to laugh more often and inside of me, i am amused.
The scriptures say 'a merry heart doeth good like medicine' but your own laughter does you no good why. The scriptures did say 'a merry heart' right? Not a mocking heart or a laughing at the downfall of anothers' heart, the scriptures say a merry heart. There is a big difference! I am not born because i felt like it or you felt like it or i wanted money, security or protection, it had nothing to do with anything in the flesh.

To the folks who think they can manipulate everything and that there are no surprises down the road:
I am not born of the will of man; no man can tell me where i am going or how far i can reach. God has proved it to me already that he is in charge. (I can still remember hearing derogatory comments every other day so cos everyone is acting nice does not mean i have forgotten; it only means that i give people room to change).
No man can put a cap on my destiny, no one can stop me, no one can delay me, or waylay me. My life is not in the hands of any man.
What am i saying? What i said in the first three months of my journey. I am not used to manipulating things, i usually have a hero that shows up when things get really tough for me and that is why i say "There is a God who rules in the affairs of men"
It means that it looks like men are running things but i believe like Daniel and Shedrach, Meshack and Abednego. God will show up...

And the scriptures say: 'But of God'
This is where i get the saying 'I am born of God'. Jesus multiplied it saying 'Except you are born of water and the spirit...' Don't you get it? Your eyes will never be open to see the kingdom of God here on earth except you submit to the spirit. Any time you spend without the help of the spirit is time wasted, you won't move one inch. You would be moving around in circles. This is it for me.


  1. Love the ranting..
    Even when in tune with God life is always perfect..

  2. Yess oo, i am a daughter of God in Jesus Name. love that Verse. thanks Tisha

  3. I love this ranting with the word of God. They are actually words for meditation.

    I thank God that we cannot go far from His awesome presence.

    May you see and experience the perfection from God of that which concerns you...

  4. @2cute4u
    Hi love.
    I had to rant
    to drive the word into my spirit.

    @jobs thingy
    You are a son. A sons knows his inheritance. Its not a 'battle of the sexes things'. with God, we are neither male nor female.

    Hi dear
    Where can i go to hide from His presence. God just won't let me go and i am so glad.

    Hi love.
    Hope you are good
    depend on His great love.

  5. your fonts are kind of too small and black fonts on green poor eyes

  6. wow!! wish I can say all that too

    Hi Tisha...thanks for stopping by

  7. @ doll
    I am doing something about it right this moment.

    @Nutty j
    You can.
    Do you want to?
    You are welcome.

  8. "There is no amount of works i am going to do before he gives me a badge." WORD!!!

  9. That's right
    I will not work for his love
    I will not work for His gifts
    or His peace.


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