Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am positioned...

I want to say Thank God for the lives of the Chilean miners. Kafo gave me the hook-up and i was up to date on them all, none of the miners perished, you think that's a coincidence...

I am rightly positioned to always receive the divine influence of God on my life. I believe i am praying better because i receive what to pray about. I receive scriptures to pray with and what particular areas to pray about so spiritually, i am on a high and it is not because of what is going on around me but because of what is going on in me.

If i could i would bail, i hate responsibility but i have been trained to take my place, i know what to do per time and i am far from anxious about anything.

I am good on the inside, been worshiping from my heart; i just decided that to hell with anyone who is looking at me or whatever they are saying, i don't care and i am not moved. They can say whatever they want to say and look however much they want to look. If God is pleased, then i am pleased!

I decided that when it comes to service, God matters more than anyone else and so i must not be concerned about other people and what they think as long as i am in line with His word. I am strengthening my relationship with the Holy Ghost because i need Him now more than ever before. Making a commitment to God to do what is pleasing to Him no matter what anyone else is doing.

I am reading this book "How to hear from God" By Joyce Meyer slowly which is amazing for me because i like books. I am taking it slowly because i want to digest it. She believes in the leading of God's spirit and i do too. I know He leads me if not i would not be confident. I would never have given my life if i did not know He was leading me.

What do i do?

Every morning, i commit myself to walking in love not because of the people involved but because my God is distanced when i have negative feelings. When i have negative feelings, its like my flesh tries to rule my spirit. When i walk in love, my spirit rules... I really even can't see the reason to walk in the flesh when my spirit rules.
Nothing is worth it.

"I walk in the spirit and so i do not fulfill the lust of the flesh" Gal 5:16

I wonder how folks navigate their life without the Holy Ghost, i long for a stronger relationship with Him.  I am desperate for His presence day in, day out. He is my oxygen, my air, my peace, my direction. I hunger for His touch. I am empty if He is not with me.

When i have issues, i meditate on 1 Cor 13, it may appear not to go in, but whatever word you take in sinks deep and will come out when you need it.


  1. To be honest, without God and the Holy Spirit, it would be almost impossible to hold on and live a life of practical Christianity. Nice one..

  2. It's lovely to hear from someone who is so at peace with herself, her life and her spirituality. I know that God will continue to smile down on you for being the wonderful person that you are!

  3. @ Myne
    Thanks myne, my relationship with God is special to me and no one can come between me and Him or tell me how to worship Him. Anyone who tries will find themselves facing a brick wall that won't be moved.

    @ Kathryn
    Thanks. Its lovely to hear from someone who appreciates a relationship with Jesus that is growing. He loves me and He smiles everyday when He thinks of me. He makes me who i am! I am so so grateful for He has made me.

  4. This the power of the Holy Spirit at work in you.. Nice.. I enjoyed reading..

  5. I swear you amaze me. It always seems like no matter what is going on with you, you have your eyes focused on God. You and Neefemi always inspire me.


  6. hey Tisha,
    i've come to realize that our confidence is developed everytime we spend time with God for He has not given us the spirit of fear but of courage, love and of a sound mind.

    as in reference to pleasing God and not man, i feel you on that because we are not moved by the opinions of men as long as we are walking with the leading of the HolySpirit; God is our first priority.

    thanx 4 sharing

  7. @ 2cute4u
    I love the Holy Ghost

    @ Fabulola
    I am glad i inspire you. Everything around me will always be changing but God is ever steady. I believe He is a good choice for an anchor.

    Nice name. Yes o, i am constantly building on my confidence in God. God is my priority o, thanks for commenting...

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  9. Hi seshe, i'll check up your place.


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