Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The words of...


"The words of his mouth were smoother than butter yet war was in his heart, his words were softer than oil yet they were swords drawn"
- Somewhere in proverbs (Don't really matter... )

I am better because of my challenges.

What do you do when you can't trust the words that come from the mouth of men?
This is exactly why this verse is ideal for me.

I have come to another impasse. I need to find a way out of it. I guess i should be thanking God i have a way maker. I do thank Him

I wonder why i see solutions but i meet. brick walls of people who see problems.What has seeing the problem done for them? What can it do for them? I felt a little overwhelmed yesterday because as i expected them that stand are few. I know i sound like Elijah but right now i am talking about my sphere of influence. There is still hope o. Integrity is expensive, few think it is worth it. Sometimes i doubt its worth it and then immediately the devil gives me the opportunity to take excess of N500 from a trader and 'i pass' and then i wonder if my mumu button was forever pushed when i found Jesus.
I am glad i have a mumu button that lets me do right even when its in vogue. I am not saying that i am perfect, just that this is the way i want to live my life and i would do it again if life could be lived over... (Sweeties, there is no reincarnation, you only get to live life once, i don't care about the proofs that say otherwise)

Whats my decision? I made it yesterday, i am not changing for anyone, yes! Still i refuse to conform, i am going to be me because i was created to dominate and win. My sweet 't' said it all, "out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water..." was the word i came up with because yesterday i felt so drained emotionally and spiritually and why, because i did not pray.

I make a commitment to spend more time with God cos everyone else just drains me. Their mouths pretend to encourage me but their hearts rejoice at my perceived downfall. There i have said it. I have been avoided confessing this here for months. I told my sis that '...the word of God judges the intents and purposes of the heart...'  k, so i don't ever say something that my heart does not agree with, i would rather keep quiet.
I kinda drained yesterday because i lost my equilibrium, i have never seen such duplicity, you say one thing and mean another. When i don't believe something, i shut up until i believe. That's what i do.

I will never say what i don't believe.
I like yesterday. Why? It shook me out of deception, it shook me out of duplicity and laxity, let everyone else play their games, but i am not allowed to join them. What i have before me is a monstrous assignment, to make like Jesus among a sea of wolves and Lord, i don't know if i can do it but i ask for your help. I thank you for you are my help. 
You can help me dominate my environment by your spirit, by walking in humility and kindness. You can help me dominate my environment by my playing no games and walking in love. By being honest and trusting of you and Lord i still believe you are real, not just in the bible but to me.

O lord how i long for you like i am in a dry and thirsty land because i know that as long as i am conscious that you live in me and that your supernatural life has supplanted my physical life, i can never be disadvantaged. I am a supernatural being. I live the God-life while i am on earth because i have access to the resources of heaven and i am convinced that i am a faithful steward of the giftings you have given me.

I refuse shame and poverty and disease. I refuse the down life, i am above and soaring like an eagle above the circumstances of this life. I walk by faith and not by sight. I am led by the spirit of God. i am united the God, my spirit and His spirit are one. I am blessed beyond a curse. I am a seed of Abraham therefore the world is mine. I have angelic ministration left, right and center. I have access to the wisdom of God because my Lord favours me. I am a son and therefore i access the heritage of the sons....

God is so awesome



  1. I have thought about that as well- people who only see problems tend to drown you with their pessimisms and blind you as well. I'm all for seeking solutions-rather than waste an eternity talking about problems.

    And there's no need putting your trust in any man...i'm with you on that. It only leads to disappointments.

    All the best as you seek inner peace!

  2. @ B'ratti
    Too much thinking is messing with my brain. Why do i trust man time and again, its a flaw i have to deal with.

    thanks for registering your presence, its a whole lot of help.

  3. You will surely overcome. Sometimes all we have to do is shut out the noise and listen to God. He is our peace and refuge.

  4. @Myne
    Thanks for your quick response.
    I have the spirit of God in me. I was so spitting mad at the time cos wrong attitudes defeat the purpose but a selfish heart will never see that.

    I was spitting mad, I never left God and He never left me but i needed to shake myself out of a particular position that was not beneficial to me spiritually or otherwise.


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