Monday, January 10, 2011

Ta da!

I have plans for the year
They are all plans to improve me and increase me and everything about me

I'll be praying more in tongues and having fellowship with God more often and meditating on God's word. I'll be contending for the gospel each time.
I will meditate on five scriptures everyday for 21 days and then change it and i will fellowship with God everyday for 10 days. I did on the 1 January and since then i have been keeping my duty. I will try to fellowship today 

I'll be experiencing increase this year on all area's, i'll be breaking forth on the left and on the right. I'll be growing steadily in God

Unfortunately i'll not be making new friends. I'll be trying to maintain and keep the one i don't have already

Character wise:
I'll be learning to walk in love again and in kindness and to expecting good from people, and becoming more like Jesus.

I will be improving my skills, writing, computer skills, investing in a business and starting a business of my own this year.

Writing: I will be writing more often, novels, short stories, articles for newspapers. I will be writing and developing my writing skills as i go along.

I will be getting into a relationship this year. I will definitely start hanging out with my friends because my bff and my sisters insist i must have a social life and i agree so i am closing my eyes and leaping and surprisingly i am absolutely terrified of commitment and other stuff...

I will start a Masters this year or a qualification exam and a project that will change the lives of people so i look forward to a very fulfilling year that will bless me in the doing and bless others...

I think i like the way my life looks already but now i have to decide to do and start acting.

It is kind of scattered but this is who i am...

I thank God for divine surprises because i have been saying lately that "There has got to be more to life than this".
I need more again
It sounds a little like my pre- born-again self.
I can't figure it out yet but i will do soon.

and He's not saying anything so i'll just have fun and enjoy my life.


  1. I pray God gives you the grace to carry out the
    plan. Have a great 2011

  2. Nice. You have it all planned out. I definitely need to write a list of my own too

  3. @NBB
    I have it. I now have to use it.



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