Friday, October 7, 2011

Talking with God again

Getting intimate
I realize i went away
or went my own way
However much i tried to hold on

But He never let go
God is faithful
Now i have a lot of bad habits
to prune (more like uproot)
and i am working on them

I developed some really great stuff
I need to fine tune
Usually i knew that the devil
was my adversary and enemy

Now i am learning i have other enemies
like malice, unforgiveness
anger, judgmental attitudes
and that they are my enemies
because they stand in my way
stopping me from being open with God

I have won the battle o
worked on all these things 

i mean
I don't want any little foxes
spoiling my vine,
nothing is worth all that

Relationship with God comes first...
I need to guard the anointing of God's spirit on my life
Guard my heart, fight for my faith, His grace is sufficient

I won't settle for being a robot
I want a vital relationship with God
constant communication
cos only then can anything else make sense!


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