Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sad for someone else enough to pray

 I read a post on twitter and my heart was so grieved, the said guy had lost faith in God and was exactly where the devil wanted him.

Everyone was giving advice but all I had for him was prayer. I am a passionate praying daughter of the Most High God because I have known the love of God. There were so many platitudes I could have given him but I sensed that more than convincing what he needed was someone who cared about him to pray for him. I am gonna keep praying until I see a change. I believe that he will change and if that is all that I accomplish for 2013 that actually has some spiritual significance, it would have been enough for me. 

God bless his soul, I pray that the Holy Ghost comfort Him and reach to the place that others will not be able to reach while doing their duty.
Goal of July and August:
Pray to God from my heart and to depend on Him for everything.
I really believe from the best of me that "The blessing is greater than the curse" not because I believe the words but because I believe God. It wasn't a time to argue with the guy about divine healing, his mom died last year. It was a time to just shower him with the love of God. I pray that God will orchestrate his months so that wherever he goes, everyone he meets will be showing him the love of God that is unconditional!
The blessing is greater than the curse.
God is God. He doesn’t lie.
Here’s something I want you to know, your mom will not want you to live a meaningless life
So inquire of the Lord and get to know Him, not about Him but get to know Him
I will pray for you.
Be convinced that God loves you. The only proof you need is that He sent Jesus to die on the cross for you.
You are light, I pray that the spirit of God will unveil you so that you can meet God and savour His presence.
My Christian life not the one I got by virtue of Christian parents but the one I got because I cultivated a relationship with the Holy Ghost started out of death; but God called light out of it.
I pray for you that God will call light out of your darkness and fill your heart with His love; that you will know the love of God that passes knowledge in Jesus name, amen. I pray for you that you will have a vital relationship with God through the Holy Ghost in Jesus name, amen.
I always tell people that the Holy Ghost is my best friend and a lot of times they don’t understand why because for them, it is easier to believe what they see. Well getting saved, I learnt to believe in what I cannot see by the Holy Ghost.
I pray that the Holy Ghost will come to you and comfort you and be your best friend in Jesus name, amen.
I pray that when you are whole, complete, healed in your emotions, your spirit, soul and body that you will be a help to everyone that you come across in Jesus name, amen. I pray that God will make you like he made me; a restorer of the broken places. A builder of the abandoned places, that out of your belly would flow rivers of living water. That resurrection power would flow out of you and heal the people in your world.
God bless your heart and heal it till it is whole in Jesus name, amen. God make you a succourer by His spirit in Jesus name, amen.

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