Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its been a while

There is this young man that i refer to as my best buddy. I guess we could be great friends if i let us. I have a feeling that he wants more than friends, well don't they all? Frankly, all i can cope with at this time is friendship. My ex- when i started with him said friendship was okay with him, but pretty soon, he wanted to do more than hold hands. 

We used to make out big-time and i will not say i did not enjoy it. I just did not want to go all the way and then you know guys. They cannot do but want and want to go all the whole nine yards once they have started anything. this is why i don't want to be close to my said best buddy. I know before long of saying hi and confiding in ourselves, next thing i know, he'll be hot for my body and spoiling our friendship for whats not worth it, but don't tell a guy that, he'll fast be telling you that that's the "koko" of a relationship. 

I like him, a lot, apart from his manipulative tendencies, not my thing. Now that i think back, my ex did not let our r/ship grow, he was too eager for sex, and as far as i know, sex never made any r/ship work, it only extended the time of breakage. I mean, do you realize how many aborted babies are down the drain just because the guys and girls can't keep their pants zipped up. i mean its not like i don't have feelings but once my ex's tongue was down my throat, all i wanted was to do it and let that ache go away. I mean, if you know what being 

This is why i like to avoid any intimacy of any sort, which is why i want to avoid any closeness with my younger friend, i mean i don't do younger guys. 
Usually! wowie, i'll have to get back to this note, he must be working on my mind big-time, you know the way guys do. i'd better counter-act his strategy and don't get emotionally involved.

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