Thursday, September 4, 2008

The binches

you remember the two asses i talked about in the last blog. well, their plan to overthrow me did not work. can you imagine how two girls who pretend to be your friends (forget the fact that they are colleagues) suddenly get you into a position where they are claiming you are rude and nasty and all sorts gossiping and 'ish'. Now, because it did not work they are pretending to getting back to being colleagues and we are planning to go on assignments together.
it hurts but i am glad it happened cos now i know i have to walk like i am in a mine in japan and a bomb could just blow off unexpectedly. i spoke with the guy i stood up and he mentioned that they may be jealous of me though i don't know why? i do not think i am paranoid enough to think it is because of the macho male cutie in my office who is kind of into me sha!
i did not say, during all this pseudo fights we kind of met up at the coffee shop and he was telling me that he knows his mind and knows what he wants! my heart took a deep instead of a dive, or rather a dive instead of a ... whatever. i quickly added life so that it does not just mean me. my issues are just totally interfering. well, he's acting all spiritual brother, i hope the act is not for me. i have been born again long enough to know that you can know jesus and still do rubbish! i also know that to grow, you need to consistently obey His word: that na bible.
so i am so into my work now. i don't know if i was snappy to him yesterday. well, what the hell, i can't be tip toeing around him, if he likes me, he ought to know that you should not give up the fight that easy. what's that saying again "faint heart never won fair lady". so when it comes to friends, i am not sure if i have moved forward. betrayed by female friends, moved closer to male friends...
uh huh! dunno men. i am just living my life by faith. yes, a cute fine boy will ask me out soon, maybe, maybe not. what will i say? i think he'll ask me soon though. i should have known cos his friends just kept coming around being all nice and polite and usually i don't give guys the time of the day but when i do, its usually as friends...
whatever, let me end this post with: i pray i won't disappoint my friends and that i and cute boy will not end up being enemies. friends is good enough for me but you know guys they are always on 180km/hr when the ladies have barely shifted gears to move.
as drama happens, i'll be guaranteed to blog on... hope nice things happen soon.


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