Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Two binches

hey i am back. seems like i am having enough emotional issues to keep me blogging or journaling or whatever. 
remember the two asses i talked about from the last post, seti and rachel. rachel came and apologised to me yesterday even though it did not get to her belly, just because her propaganda is not working. then, bam! what do i see, seti comes to me offering for us to go on assignment together, she's going to be miserable not me.
well, i guess this is what i prayed about, even though they are biffed up and all that, it is not about me, i prayed to God for the strife to stop, for my sake not theirs. cos u know when you can't forgive someone, you put urself in a prison and give the other person the key.
...and of course most important of all it puts you in a bad place with God. so i had to get out of this shit anyhow, even if i did not create it.
i had never been quite so angry in a long time cos i never let stuff like that get to me.


  1. "...i prayed to God for the strife to stop, for my sake not theirs." i love this. Makes absolute sense.

  2. @rethots
    thanks for bringing me to this. its been a while since i considered this. right now i found out i hadn't totally forgiven so i need to get her a gift.
    promised to do it like a month ago but what can i say, been procrastinating.
    will get around to it sha


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