Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My cute guy is tired

so the cute guy is tired of hide and seek. ...and the sugar babe just wants sex, can u imagine he said i should come to PH(not real)e see him, i can't say what he does? well he asked me to come see him that he stays in a hotel and that did i want to come visit? i jejely said i was not coming as i had the flu, he just wasn't caring. i should start flying down from lagos to PH with the flu just to see him, not cool at all. It upset me so that when i saw his IM on Yahoo, even though i am used to saying hi and chatting. i mean i have self-respect. i just could not speak with him. how dare he just want to sleep with me? i was so upset but i have long since accepted that a guy will try to get some if he can no matter how nice he is. all the fault of testosterone of course! well, the other guy, let me give him a name. naijadenzel. he enjoys talking to other gals mainly now that i am not gelling. i don't think i want to gel sef. he's always asking me to buy him stuff, what makes them see me as a sugarbabes who's ready to spend money for a guy. as much as i am mordern, i am still an oldfashined lady and the guy should buy the lady stuff. well, i am not hurt, just miffed that every1 is paying him so much attention. i guess i better get over myself. no love interest this month, ho am i going to cope? denzel hates me he loves me. i'll soon give him a reason to hate me. i can be a first class binch and play the ice queen, ungetable, but deep down i am actually sweet so much for sweetness i refuse to go after a guy and those naughty gals are doing much of it to annoy me cos i don't flirt whatever! i really don't care maybe a little maybe i should find another guy i like and go after him just to show naija denzel he's not so ho i'm hotter than em' lol sign out


  1. Are You A Virgin?Coz This Is Sounding So Similar To A Couple Of Girls I Know.What Thing You Got To Know Is That There Is No Prince Charming And Princess Cleopatra...So Go Out There and Find Someone.Why Dont You Open Eyes Cute Guy Might Be Having More Than Passing Glances On Ya.Everything In Life Is A Risk.

  2. I really don't agree with "a guy will try to get some if he can no matter how nice he is". No offense but maybe you just attract more of those guys (lots of pretty girls get that unfortunately) but that general classification is not true for every guy.

    Naijadenzel is stupid, asking you to buy him stuff. Doesn't he have shame??? I wanna agree with pinky a wee bit on cute guy having more than passing glances but his actions aren't speaking along those lines so I have my reservations on that.

    How will you cope with no love interest this month? You'll do fine. Life's bigger than that. I won't recommend going after someone just to show someone else they are not so hot though.

    Ok, I didn't intend for this comment to get this long but I hope you picked a thing or two from it.

  3. By the way, thanks for stopping by "too close of a friend". I would have asked for your '2 cents' from your own perspective but I've given up on that route. Thanks though.

  4. @ pinky and the brain
    i think i am having brain write me stuff.
    its not a crush or anything, we are friends okay, crushes are for secondary sch.

    thanks for the advice, i think i have too many feminism tendencies to fall into that trap.


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