Friday, September 19, 2008

i want to be honest!

okay! this was inspired because i went to mz.dee's blog israelinigerianrantings.blogspot and i saw that she tagged the people she considered to be the most honest. i am not having an attack of the green-eyed monsters cos it takes a lot of courage to be really honest. so i decided to vent about growing up and about how when we were kids; my mom used to do 60,000 worth of juju as far back as 1994, you can imagine how much that was worth then. we'd not have food at home and my mom would go like, "do you want ur dad to survive, do you want him dead?" and she would break up in sobs, and we the kids would be so worried, we would spend all night praying for God to provide the money? Where's the sense in that? i mean why did we not just pray for God to protect my dad? No! my mom would say. Only alhaja can save us, she has saved us before. that woman see's, she says its 'anini' (my dad's brother) who's worrying us. my mom learnt to effectively blackmail us kids, she'd take our school fees money, our clothes money, hair money, food money and if you dared complained, she'd ask you what food or clothes or celebration you can do if you were dead, that usually silenced us. as children, we marvelled at how powerful alhaja really was. Not to talk about the numerous baths we had in strange waters. As a secondary school child, i was not allowed to be normal cos just as soon as i made a friend, on of the various soothsayers would prophesy that the friend is evil and is bound to do ne ill. i was too scared to have any friend it was either daddy would die in a plane crash, get retired, get killed, we would all have very nasty incidents if we did not come up with the money for alhaja to buy goat brain and serpents teeth and python's egg. she was always asking for impossible things that could only be replaced by money. my mom was only too willing to produce the money at the expense of our comfort. we grew up lacking in the midst of plenty. That's why when i found jesus, i was only too willing to let go. trust alhaja to prophesy that the greatest money


  1. that's some deep stuvvins o!!!!glad u found Jesus.

  2. Lord have mercy,

    you are one strong individual, to be able to write this.

    I hope u find/found closure

    takia sweets, proud of you.

    Jesus heals don' he?

  3. @ funkola
    glad i did too and its for real.

    yes Jesus does, i found closure
    still working on it everyday and this is my secret diary so i can write all the stuff i want and not have any1 find out or so mz.dee said, hope she's right.

  4. Wow...u truly deserve the honest blogger award..

    Im really happy u have Jesus in ur life now..just hold on to Him..may u be a shinnin example to others around u..


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