Thursday, December 11, 2008

i refuse to judge you

judging other people is something i don't do and i am not planning to start judging others now. as an adolescent and a teenager, never judged people by the things they do, the way they dress or act and i will not be starting anytime soon i do not absolutely do not talk about people in a vindictive and damaging manner it makes a person very small in my eyes. i always would rather see from the point of view of the person wearing the painful shoes. when it comes to bad gal, rapists, murderers, wife beaters serail killers, stalkers, pimps and self righteous folks, loan sharks and participating passive observers i need the grace of God to not call them what they are i usually just out them in a mix and call that mix the world these are people bound to fulfill the devil's purpose by choice. i don't know why i always have this strong desire to change the world well, if Obama can, i guess i can too! besides God has said i can do all things At many ppoints i am at my wits end because the only way to change the world is by changing people and that has been one of my greatest challenges cos its a near impossible feat to accomplish why cos you can either influence people or not you can't force them i have been told that the only thing to do is to change myself i dare say that i am a world changer that is the only reason i can get up in the morning and keep moving because i know i can make a difference and change someone's life for the better my turf is in believing in people and being a team player if there is a team being accomplished to benefit other people, you can be sure to find me there i believe that God sent His son Jesus If you only know of the wildernesses and scary places he carried me through if you knew how He taught me to let go of my nightmares cos i couldn't sleep everyday for fear, vicious fear that tore at my insides and made my heart beat 200 times faster he is my hiding place and my rock and my sanctifier! i truly believe that in me lies the spirit of a champion one who never says die, whose spirit senses life and every single day i have the privilege of breathing in oxygen (His spirit) i will seize every opportunity that lies before me and do what will live beyond me. i choose to take a chance everyday on life and do something that changes another's world perspective, brings hope and leaves the world a better place i am tired of hearing of different kinda villains in the world i will rather be the hero that the world needs by doing things which proceeed from righteousness


  1. You challenge me,
    I enjoyed reading this.....

    We cannot change people o....I have relunntantly accepted that..and like you said; I shoudl change myself and keep working everyday to be more of what God intends for me.
    I pray the prince of peace, the prince of wholeness( whose birth we are celebrating this season) would bring wholeness to you dearie!


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