Wednesday, January 21, 2009

... God did it.

and Jesus said "tisha come forth". this is how i survived the past week. had malaria. the last time i had malaria was like august2005. i was a big pain in the behind to everybody. was having nightmares and ish'. miss mz.dee, hope she is having fun iin canada though. now mz.dee has a life, we on blogville will have no more heartbreaker gist. my chi says "grow up". i rediscovered my chi this past weekend. my chi said tisha you have much to live for hold on, the whole world doesn't want to hurt you, you are just having anxiety attacks. my mind says focus, you have work to do, you used to be more objective and productive than this. this harmattan is getting on my nerves. ok i have been round all the blogs. saw naija denzel around and i am not sure how to relate to him. i want to be polite but have sneaky feeling that i sound snappy when i talk to him instead of nice and indifferent. i dont feel anything again for him, i think! i am still too woozy and spaced out from being ill. what was the goal in the first place of even starting any form of interaction with him. i am sitting here thinking i am a crazy chic and unlike anyone else on these earth. meanwhile, in my office, instead of bringing out my real personality i am trying to pretend like everyone else. i cant. for long periods anyway! so i just wanted to update because everyone else whose blog i went to updated too. no real gist. i wanted to say thanks to everyone that commented on my last post. chairlady is going private co s of some stupid gossip girl naija site, i think she is juvenile and did not bother to comment. if you know the trauma i have been through cos of gossips, you will know i do not fancy gossips; will not be friends with someone with a habit of gossiping, we will just not get along. teebay was speechless, now he is pissed, folks who have been reading my posts all through last year, yell in his ear that i am incapable of love. only invisible (blogville big brother still has hope for moi), Deola sweetie that she is, is an irrepressible romantic and wants things to work out, she reminds me of moi. XSN, i could not make it, apart from the fact that i was ill, i want to maintain my anonymity. have you heard about chari and buttercup, blogville couple, they hooked up, read charis poem, he almost made me a believer in-love, so sweet, see you guys next week. some banker guy told me how much he cared about me during the week and how that .... blah blah blah (stupid feelings again intruding, why is the whole world daft and retarded when it comes to love?), i was so numb, could not even feel anything. He sounded stupid to me. we were friends last year but he just went and spoilt everything. as far as i am concerned, i do not know him, do not love him, dont care. crazy dolt! these are the kind of people who spoil your day cos they lack timing.


  1. its ok to feel the way u do.
    its no crime, and since ur at home with, then go ahead.

    i think at ur own time u'l sort urself out. but we're not gettin any younger though.

    happy to hear ur ok! was worry for a bit there!

  2. Thank God you're feeling better. I just realised I've not felt the slightest pain, headache, toothache or stomach upset or any illness of any kind this year and 22 days have already gone by. Great!

    I want to agree with teebay. We are not getting younger and even though it's cool to remain calm, making efforts at ensring our heart's desires are met are not bad at all. Feel me? Nice blog

  3. Glad you are feeling much better.

    Have a love filled year.

  4. sorry dear, good to know u r o.k now sha. i think u should be cautious but don't close ur heart totally. really admire how u pulled thru and didn't give a damn about people sayin all sorts about u.
    feel u on guys ruining friendships with proposals, eesh...

  5. thank God you are back on your feet and well again.

  6. @teebay
    u sure u r not reading psychology as masters in college.
    lol. it will all work out, don't sweat it.

    @ geebee
    glad for ya!

    how is rabbi? i am inspired by ur blog design and the words mainly.

    u r such a dear, u just understand it all, i am not from space afterall. lol

    things are looking up.

  7. sorry u were ill sweetie..

    its ok not to love anyone if u dont want long as u r happy!


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