Wednesday, January 7, 2009

surprise at work retreat!

okay! The decision has been taken out of my hands. First of all my job is important to me at least for the next three months and then if i don't impress my boss, i have to start thinking about what i should do next. ok stupid of me to think that i could trust any one's word. After all, the chic before me did not trust my boss's word so i should be asking myself why i did. It is because every one else is realistic but i am idealistic. One of my friend's in college once said i should be living in Jand that i am too good for Nigeria, i guess i did not quite understand what he meant. i am just too naive for my own good. well, forget about that heavy stuff, i'll deal with it and let you know how it went. so as our staff training program for the year, we went to a hotel that is supposed to be 5-star. let me let down my standards a bit and say that it passed muster. it was ok, i am not a swimming kinda gal so i did not go swimming. many folks did though including the chic who wants my job and the man she thinks is mine. Naija denzel the star of the last quarter of 2008 and starting line-up of 2009. o how i wish it was 2, 3, 4 or 6 guys after me at once. God forbid, i'd just break down from the stress. I am glad with the close friends i have and not toasters. Toasters come with their own brand of wahala! Anyhow let's call my roommates, Joy and Vashti. Anyhow, i isolated them, spoke to them only when i had to and all that. They are younger than me by the way and i should receive a measure of respect. anyway, day 1 i listen to Jaci Velaquez on my laptop with ear phones (no writing, i was on break!), play games and just call my best.f on the phone to get updates on whats up. Joy and vashti: i walk in on them doing what gals do best; gossiping. i walked into the room and their conversation does not have a continuation. i swallow my anger and just play polite. talk about the remote control and whatnots. Guess what? Joy, who is so into naija denzel is sending me anger vibes, i still don't know why? she is talking to me in a nice way but her eyes are spitting fire. then she starts trying to convince me to go to the pool with her. I overhead my three binches from an earlier post say that naija denzel was going to be at the pool. since swimming is not my thing and i want to avoid as much drama as possible, i politely decline thinking 'let me leave the road clear for her'. she has several people backing and as much as she has been bitchy to me, i think she deserves to be happy. well, the next day after a very dry dinner the night b4 where i had to watch naija denzel and Joy drooling over each other. i guess my manners just kicked in and i set out to eat myself in. i ate all kinds of dishes, i thought my tummy would complain, amazingly it did not. Joy drank the bottle of brandy they brought to the room all on her own. blah! anyway the next day, i set out the clothes i'll be wearing for the day, walk into the shower, take a bath and my pant is missing. my black lacy y strings that big gals wear or so a friend told me and guess who the culprits are! i search every where and then queen vashti comes at me saying i took all the goodies in the bathroom: by this, she means the shampoo and cream. this is after Joy tells me she has no body cream and i give it to her considering that i have a large jar of body cream. i look at them both in amazement and then out of nowhere, Joy goes like i am an into-myself person, that i don't talk to anyone except my best.f on the phone and that once i have my laptop, i am satified and i am wondering where do these little gossips get off criticizing me. it is at this moment i find out it is a set-up. after the petty fight, i apologise first, can you imagine stuck up ol' me. these gals should have met me back in the days, i could have given them something to think about. but i guess my prayer is working. i just kept telling myself that 'love them, love these crazy lunatics'. They made nasty comments all through our stay together and then had the guts to tell me that i had no care for them. people of these world amazing!


  1. Happy new year to you
    I pray in 2009, God will give you a new song and new stories... your life would be beautiful inside out...and lines will fall for you in plesant places!

  2. Amen.
    don't feel sad for me

    my blogging actually makes me offload

    so i don't have too much to think of and thanks for your prayer.

    THis is just everyday life, His grace is sufficient for me and His strength is made perfect in my weakness

    abi? Thanks for stopping by

  3. good job on not losing your cool. You need to mingle though, not necessarily at the pool but at least with your room mates. I know the retreat's passed and all but you cant afford to be at loggerheads with your neighbors, even if it's on the lightest note.
    You're getting there, keep it up.

  4. Happy new yr!!!

    10TH january
    No 54 Raymond Njoku street, Ikoyi...

    pls try n make it..ull hav a nice time.

  5. musta been so hard to live with them nd not lose it. admire ur self-control babe.

  6. Thanks y'll. to be honest, i feel like quitting but i'll hang in there by choice.

  7. i like ur enthusiastic approach 2 in live life to the max attitude and i love ur blog,


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