Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i don't hate men o

i wrote a post last week and i was flabberwhelmed at the responses i got. well i ranted a little too much and blogfam came to the rescue as usual. thanks for the comments but i don't hate men, i know too many nice males to really do something as drastic as hate men. i was irritated by the comments of some malefolk who went ahead and spoilt my day by being thoughtless. i was a little depressed this past week, but i guess i am good now. thanks invisible for the advice, it made me wake up. i have not made a decision. i am tired of me self and so i am just taking things easy and bothering about the stuff that was making me disturbed. A friend is getting married and even though i am not considering walking down the aisle yet (sha lol, crazy right), i am not allergic to looking good and partying like a rock star. so come june, yours truly is planning to have a lot of fun. will also be going out a lot. this work will not kill my social life or enthusiasm for life. i am bigger than any obstacle that can come my way. come june, i will be wearing a sexy dress (i dare say so; decent sha) and watch this, black and silver heels. i hate heels but this friend of mine took me out and got me heels (so much for having trendy friends). g8. the only downside is that i will have hurting feet by night so someone yell in my ear that i should take some sandals as backup. A girl doesn't have to be sexy all the time. love you guys on blogger (really!) Peace


  1. Just stopping through. Mista Jaycee
    PS Jaycee, the Biblical writer reads me and I her. 8-)
    Mista Jaycee

  2. Lol.. Those heels will hurt like a female dog at night if you forget to take back up with ya..

    But still I'm betting you'll be working it all day..

  3. how are you doing? How's N.j? who would you rather have N.J or Dee and why? Holla me

  4. @mista jaycee
    lol, i am not sure i understand u

    yeah, it was a lovely wedding, true love at its best.

    at tara
    hey gal how are you doing?

  5. Nonsense, did you say you hated men? If you do is there no way they can change your mindset instead of leaving wrong comments again.
    Don’t pay attention to those folks a beg.

  6. @standtall

    thanks o they jumped to conclusions, i think the post was too long so they summarized

    how come you have not interviewed me.
    what does a diva like moi have to have to get interviewed by you?


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