Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am glad!

I hear Him again I see things more clearly The chic that used to look me up and down invaded my private space and i am not even amazed i am not surprised I am in God's will He stopped speaking to me and i knew He was not mad at me so i was okay I guess i got too comfortable and soon i did not worship any longer instead i was about everyone's business but mine God had to shift me back into position Today i was persecuted but my spirit witnesses to me that i am in a good place exactly where God wants me to be. Adversity is opportunity to grow and Boy am i growing I am even blowing my own mind and that is a mean feat Relationship-wise i am not going to do anything I have made up my mind about certain things I am blessed and i hear only the word of God above the word of a man, any man I reject logic as logically as i am so you know this is serious business God is loving me has loved me still loves me and this is good enough. FOR NOW (big grin) (No man can compete with my love for God or God's love for me). Lesson for the month: Teach the word and live the word. One bothersome question i have is that: Is God proud of me? because i really want him to be. What He thinks about me matters a lot. Am i living to please God? this is important to me, i have been thinking about it over and over again. Hooking up with other blogs in the meantime, will post something that is not my thoughts soon. I am fulfilled.


  1. God loves u and that is a nice write-up

  2. Genuine curiosity.

    2 questions.

    Why do you believe in a God.

    Which God do you believe in? The one of the bible?

  3. Hey
    God comes through
    He shows himself strong.

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  5. I like this!
    Your joy and peace of mind is infectious.

    You are right that 'No man can compete with my love for God or God's love for me'

  6. i really like this. Inspiring

  7. New friend in the house!

    Lovely blog....

  8. New friend in the house!

    Lovely blog....

    I'll definitely be following this.

    If logic was the answer to life, then we would all know how our lives turn out......

  9. @ yink

    @ friendly mmuo
    i don't ask stupid question and i don't believe in answering stupid questions

    God is good

    God's love is unconditional

    glad i inspired you

    yes o, rigt now i wish God would tell me everything that would happen but then there would be no fun at all.


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