Saturday, July 18, 2009

i just found out something heartbreaking!

i logged on FB and discovered that a friend (we were not that close) is gay. Its upsetting because she changed her r/ship status on FB that she is in a r/ship with a person who later turns to be a female. We were not close but we shared the same faith, and i believed that she believed God as much as I. Its sad because i don't think it is normal for a girl to want another gals body, you need to see the passion in her eyes. I immediately felt compassion for her and at the same time sad that someone got her to deny her faith somewhat. So i am wondering, if a girl makes a pass at me, will i fall in love so much so that i would deny a God who is not pleased with homosexualism or lesbianism. I am not trying to discriminate cos in the bible, Paul said that "we used to be idolaters, adulterers, fornicators, murderers etc". I am not your everyday judgmental Christian, i will tell you straight that God had a reason for destroying Sodom and gomorrah and He has not changed His mind about homosexuality, adultery, fornication etc. My prayer is that the fire of God comes alive in Her heart and God takes away her peace so she knows that though she is righteous, her actions do not please God. Someone made a pass at my sis and at my friend's wedding, the singer made a pass at me, but i did not know it was this bad. I thought it was only unbels (people who have not known Christ) that can be led away. I pray she longs for God so much she is uncomfortable in that unnatural r/ship with a female because i believe she has the nature of God so no one can steal her away from God. Otherwise i am coasting along and growing in my r/ship with God. Peace you I am an unapologetic Christian. I am proud to be an ambassador of Christ I am meant though to show people the love of God So to those who are straight, Jesus loves you To those who are fornicating (if you are sleeping with someone you are not married to) God still loves you To those who are gay, God loves you still To those who lie, steal, cheat, God loves you still To those who have not yet known Christ, God loves you To those who have known Christ but are discouraged, God still loves you and nothing can separate you from His love. To those who have known Christ and have courage, ride on, you make your Father proud. I still love her even though she's gay and i pray God will lead her home, she must be so hurt to want another girl. I pray the Holy Ghost sorts her out. She is not gay (except you mean happy, i mean outrageously happy, full of unspeakable joy) I worry about the most insane things well, i made a pact with God today that come september he will bring me the man of my dreams or i will say yes to Dee, i was a little sad today bcos Dee called again and asked if i was ready and i told him that i could not give him an answer today, I pray he has the patience to wait sha... I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (i would think i was neurotic myself if not that i am so sure its God leading me, i don't know how many times He has to prove Himself to me. I have several proofs and i am not asking for any more proof just that he keep guiding and leading me)


  1. i just want to chip in that u shud really confirm that the babe is gay. like most gfs of mine are in r/ships with with babes/bffs for some reasons, or the fun of it. it's like the new trend in some places

  2. Doesn’t mean she is gay…I linked my fb profile relationship status wit my best friend…she is female..doesnt mean am gay

  3. @yinkuslolo

    okay, i guess i am just stuck-up. i guess she is okay or rather, i know.

  4. a yaaaa pele.

    Personally it'll shock me but i'm not one to judge cos i know i'm a sinner. Let me rmove the log in my eye first.

  5. @tigress
    neither do i but i do care about my friends.
    and the only difference btw me and you is that i have been forgiven by Jesus.

    You can know Him too and if you do know Him, then you are not a sinner anymore.

    (she's fine anyway!, i have been in touch)

  6. I agree with Doll... Me too am linked with a woman to prevent the vultures... But nevertheless if she is... its her life, maybe thats what makes her happy.


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