Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love without trust...

yes i believe love goes out when trust ceases. some folks in my office said that you can love without trusting. i think thats a lie. if you love, you will show it by trusting, if there's no trust, then thats selfish love. for me, its either you love and trust me or you can't have me. i won't do love without trust. cos i don't do anything by halves.

I saw some (can't exactly call em friends) on fb, they are getting married soon and let me tell the truth, i was like, "is not fair" because they are cut-throat about life. they would be disappointed to hear me say that. but i have taken that right away from them. i wished them congrats but i am not going for their wedding because it would be a total waste of time and i am not going to even try to prove anything to them. On the contrary, i think they deserve each other (they will continue being themselves after marriage and if you know them like i do, they would be living the acting life and not true life). I used to call them (the both of them) friends but that all changed when i discovered they were not friends, at least not by my definition.

I have had enough of living the acting life, through being my parents children, i can do with reality. I want my life to be real and true. If you know me well like invisible (by the way, he's back, give it up for invisble, my blogville big brother and counselor)...
Anyway, sometimes i am totally sure of what i want out of life and other times i am not, but i do know what i do not want.

* i want to be able to totally trust and love the one i agree to walk down this road called life with.
* i want to be able to know that i can count on my family (immediate and otherwise) and my friends (two of em got married and i was like wow, i knew the guy and he was into this girl like forever, he kept on hoping and finally they are married. i am happy for you b**z, i am sure he must be out of his mind with joy, he's one of the really nice guys i know, a friend of a friend, has values and all)
* i want to be able to live a life that would count for something (currently doing that) but i want to do more
* i want to be more involved with charity (stuff and all that) something that would change the world starting with Nigeria
* i am about to have a big break (soonest) in all the areas of my life, God is just so good to me and my famille, lol

so i guess this is the post
I want to be more than just a name, someone to be reckoned with uhhmmm!
i mean i didn't go to college at 15 for nothing (amidst my challenges and all), i know i am unstoppable, i just hope i am ready for all the wonderful opportunities that have been coming my way
derilious laughter (my life is just totally blowing my mind) i can see the piture of it all.

uhmm! Faith
i get it everyday and yet there is more i need to comprehend!

You guys, its tisha...


  1. FIRST!!!! Best believe, whoever said you can love without trust must be a joker and living in a fairytale....and i will know cos I am in a long distance thing....and best believe its all about the trust....infact love has nothing to do with it...its all trust

  2. You're right, love and trust go hand in hand. Not one without the other.

  3. I'm back Tish!!! Yaaaay.

    Love without trust is not love, except is y'all are not trying to have anything serious.

  4. @ neefemi
    i agree with you, they are either jokers, in denial or prepared to live life 50%

    Trust and love go hand in hand, nobody shld give me trust without love. i won't buy that.

    thank goodness, was wondering...
    i am glad you are back.

    yes o. where do they get off saying that? i call that selfish love/ less than the best

  5. Trust is important and should go hand in hand with love cuz if there is no trust, the love is bound to die...

  6. Y'all take the words right outta my keyboard!

  7. If a guy told me, "i trust you", i would value him more than a guy saying "i love you". you know several guys have told me i love you and its difficult to believe several guys love you the way Jesus does.

  8. love without trust??? call it something else cos really, that ain't love.
    p.s: is it me or is everyone getting married these days?

  9. @harry
    hey, how's ur magazine coming along?

    my blog sister, we think alike

    i have missed you, update now... and yes o, everyone does seem to be getting married, my time will come sha.

  10. @harry
    hey, how's ur magazine coming along?

    my blog sister, we think alike

    i have missed you, update now... and yes o, everyone does seem to be getting married, my time will come sha.

  11. i agree..luv and trust go hand in hand

  12. love is one thing and trust is another,it depends on who you are dealing with will determine the collabo of love and trust cos some ladies sucks sometimes,think my first time here,cheers

  13. @doll
    i agree with you

    @ muyiwa
    no i don't think it does.
    you can't let the fact that someone has betrayed you stop you from truly loving the one you give ur heart to because you refuse to trust her. yes, i did not even know but trust is a choice and i won't love if i don't trust.
    They go together or else it aint love, like doll said.

  14. You have to realize that these people are human. The only person that can't let u down is God. So all that trust u have- foucs it more on God?

  15. Trust is the most important ingredient in any r/ship/ marriage. anyone who tells you otherwise is not having a good time being married.

  16. @tigress
    for my own peace of mind, i would rather trust than to constantly be worried that something is going on.

    @ latisha
    on point

  17. Love without trust is non-existent!

  18. wooooow finly i find your blog
    i think its possible to love someone yet no trust go on foolishly devoted to them though you know they are cheating or doing something wrong BUT to have a successful relationship theirs got to be trust

  19. Love and trust should go hand in hand but they don't always.

    Some people still love someone even though they're not sure they can trust them. It's not right but it sure does happen!

    First time here!runkh

  20. i agree with them... when you love someone or be loved by someone, its a package deal. its all there, love, trust, respect and loyalty.

  21. @ shona
    trust is a big issue for me o, i gats to have it. that to trust and be trusted and it takes faith o.

    @wells b
    sometimes it can look that way but we sure can't ignore that trust is more than maggi o it is the main ingredient

    pls come on blogville more often, your posts are out of this world.

    yeah, not just trust, love, respect and loyalty are important.
    point taken

  22. Love is about letting go. That doesn't mean you automatically trust that person. Trust is we have absolutely no control over (unfortunately). Of-course no matter how much you love someone, there is no guarantee they will love you back! When and if that actually does happen, you are IN LOVE with one another. And when two people are in love they trust one another without question.

  23. @karen
    letting go is a big deal o!
    will try sha


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