Friday, September 18, 2009

New decisions...

I wanted to write stuff.

I need to make some major decisions and i need to be sure that i am doing the right thing.
I gave myself an ultimatum
and now i have a deadline

I am not sure what i will do
but i do know i will make the right decisions
I had the feeling that
several people rushing me
making comments

but i think i am ready
i am tired
i feel afraid (fear has no place in me)
but i have the comforter (HG)
so i am sure that whatever decision
i make will be the right one (breathe!)


  1. guess praying and planning can't leave you too far wrong..

  2. Talk to a mentor about it..Breathe easy ok.

  3. Firstly breathe!, You can pray about it as is suggested, or you can talk to someone about it who you feel may encourage you on the right track!.

  4. just follow ur heart or do what ur gut tell u to do...and everything will fall into place, good luck

  5. really depends on what decision you are making oh.pray about it and tink it through thoroughly.

  6. I co-sign what everyone has already is well....muah

  7. hi! i can feel what you are into when you made your latest post. yeas, we should made a decisions and always think of the positive ways.


  8. I like that you're being positive, it really helps. All the best.

  9. I agree with leggy. Don't set a really hard deadline for urself.

  10. @funkola
    i am still praying o
    i just feel i need to pray more...

    planning what? i am not sure what to do.

    looking for courage, i have it sha!

    everything jsut seems like the wrong info right now.

    i need the peace of God, these three days, it seems like they have drained my peace.

    it is so important o!

    i am saying it "it is well"

    i am usually indecisive, it is a stressful weakness, at times like this,i feel others make decisions for me and i need to grow up.

    i know...

    the deadline, i need to calm down, i can just feel so much pressure but i know it will turn out fine.

    i have great faith o (if i had mustard, it would be enough but i have great faith in God)...

  11. All the best with your decision-making. And thanks for stopping by!

  12. @ms. f.a.b
    i have taken the pressure off me, i choose to be light hearted.
    i am still waiting for God to speak though!
    He makes the final decisions...

  13. ok miss, now u r being very random...more like vague.but in all these, u need to know that u'll be fine. the Holy Spirit will be ur comforter, just leave it all to God.xoxo

  14. Take your time; at your own pace and of course He makes all things beautiful in His time. Trust and have faith.

  15. @funkola
    thanks for the love

    I need to remind me that He makes all things beautiful, not me but Him..
    how are ya?

  16. With the holy spirit around,one never makes mistakes.

  17. Yes love, breathe!

    The best decisions are often made when the heart is in a state of rest.

    I trust this one would be one of those.


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