Wednesday, January 27, 2010

more plots and more hatched plans

now its mocking
my pal in the office is gone
i have a safe haven though

doing much for the gospel
this is all that makes me pleased

more drama in the office
always trying to make me see

what exactly i don't know
i don't do revenge
so i am in the dark

asking for grace to get through this time
till God tells me what i want to hear

still doing his will
learning to be dead to anything
that does not matter

what really matters in the light of eternity
many things fall out

faith, hope and charity stand out
thinking understanding and speaking the word stand out

if only i would preach the word like i should
lord give me courage to speak...


  1. He who wins a soul is wise. I hope you get the courage you need. Keep keeping on, you motivate me.

  2. @myne
    some days i just get overwhelmed by everything, other days i am so strong i am surprised.
    today is one of the weak days but i am wording up (slang for reading my bible; it tells me who i am!)

  3. Your post sounded sad.
    I hope you feel better soon.

    may you find the strength you need for each day. Amen.

  4. @enkay
    i guess i was sad, down sha cos i think all the pressure is unnecessary but i am sure it will make me a stronger person but if i don't feel i am being lifted instead of cut down, i just may have to leave. (sick of being put down and cut down, i came to be built up not discouraged). guess i felt discouraged a lot yesterday...
    thanks enkay, i did not even know i was sad.

  5. love u Tish and i know God is just starting with you and will take you to higher places and embarass you with his favor and mercy... like Myne said, keep keeping on...thanks for the motivation

  6. love you neefemi
    i am good now but i am wondering about tomorrow.
    i feel like a seesaw,
    worse it does not show outside me
    my p. seems to be turning a knife inside a raw wound

    just makes me think a gal hurt him bad back in the days and now every pretty classy gal must pay
    Christ has paid everything for me, i owe no man.

  7. you surely don't owe him anything...just keep praying and like you said hold on with gentle hands, be patient and have faith but never let him stress you ok...


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