Friday, July 16, 2010

I have the desire to write but...

I did anyway because a lot is going on i can't say.

Today i'll be copying b'ratti and still being me.

Goals for the week.
(Thot: I'll keep modifying this, lol, it make the world go around and keeps me happy and in purpose)

1. Appreciate the Holy Ghost
I do and i am less mechanical about things like i could accomplish anything without God lol. I am very aware that i am a frail human on my own.

2. Write; become more professional
The babe is learning. I am fellowshipping with the spirit more and so i am so much more confident, its like you can't spend time with God and come out lesser. It is not a feeling; just an impression on my spirit.

3. Pray out of love and not duty
I am learning to do this more. Do not be a dutiful daughter to God or to your dad. Learn to do things out of love not passive/active manipulation because if you look at it anyhow, manipulation is witchcraft (the first time pastor m said this i laughed out loud)

4. Work: learn to research
I want to learn to work better and be productive and more purposeful but still understanding that God blesses whatever i do but i must needs do something that he may bless it.

5. Laugh 
I need to laugh more. I saw my laughter crooked in my camera phone cos i was thinking of folks that were annoying me but when i had peace, i was totally adorable. (blowing my trumpet se, pastor m says i should never be afraid to blow my trumpet cos there are many who will try to break me down; i should still pursue humility sha)

6. Dance
I used to dance freely in my office during break time, that used to be my recharge time; emotionally that is. I don't know why i don't feel so free to sing at the top of my voice and dance freely anymore, about to start it again.

7.Be thankful, learn patience
Lord i am thankful cos you are faithful. God saved my dad'd life this past monday, i couldn't tell no one because i was not sure if i would be encouraged or discouraged. My dad prayed in the name of Jesus. I was so happy. I feel a nudging to minister Christ to him but something keeps holding me back, i am not sure what to do, i wanted it to be solely Holy Ghost like mine, no one got me saved, i reached a decision myself. Agreeing to receive the Holy Ghost was a bit more difficult; the giving in part. The words were easy, i just refused to believe in my heart until...
I am thankful sha! Most everything i prayed for has been answered.

8. Do something different don't think the same way
Work different every day. Make sure the word of God is renewing your mind everyday. Work different, take different, act different, think different,

9. Take your self out 
Pastor M told me to do this. It is not by force to date if you are not ready or you don't have what you want. 'Take yourself out'. I told all my friends till they started doing it. my elder sis told me not to worship pastor m. I don't, i just love him a lot because he taught me how to walk in the kingdom and that is something special.

10. Hang out with your gals.
I did. My BFF and and i hung out with some other gals. I don't know how to encourage her but i just know that everyday i talk with her Zoe is rubbing off on her from me somehow because i know the life of God is bubbling inside me and guess what, she has word of knowledge too. I was so happy for her when she told me, its just snippets, she can develop it. Problem is i don't know how it works. I know that if i speak in tongues and put no pressure on me the connection btw God and i is so much clearer. Whatever, i am going to keep speaking in tongues. Thank you God for sending me a friend. (My bro' told me not to expect her to be perfect; i don't i just love her the way she is o)

I had a dream and the only way i can interpret is that God is saying 'Wait again' and i got a confirmation from my cousin. She just sent me an offline that God's ministers are never in a hurry so i shouldn't be in a hurry, i was tempted to yell 'yeah right' but my cousin has the patience of a saint.

Anyhow i am way off perfect, i am saved by grace. And i am glad about it o! I lied and the only reason i was bothered was because my p saw it and i was like this is crazy, you are becoming like the world. You are supposed to be bothered because of God and not your p. So i corrected myself. 

I just asked 'what matters more?' Who would you like to please?

My meditation today is that God is not intimidated by anything and He is on your side and not against you not because of you but because of Christ and He loves you because of who He is. Selah

Some idiot, a colleague is pissed at me (don't knw why, don't care). I made a passing comment and said you know how children are and he said 'I do but do you?' in this sarcastic voice like he had concluded on me. I just replied with all confidence in a calm voice 'I will'. Lol

That same stupid idiot i talked about above told me i was gay oha' because she and i are close. I told him point blank that i am straight, the idiot never edifies me. I don't know why he won't stay away from me, he's always pretending, i just know God has given his wifey grace to handle his irresponsibility. I want a man of His word sha, was talking with my sisters today and i said, 'If Jesus is not Lord over a man's life' i am not sure i can be with him, he seems impossible to find abi, God makes impossible things possible.
Okay i know why he is mad but i don't carel, God is in control and not intimidated, even i don't know what will happen but now i am looking at it under a microscope, the movie is interesting to watch! lol

Something is in the works, it works for my good sha!

Okay NOW i am begging, I know i have said a lot and there is practically no secret so please please, pretty please, ask me some questions, i have only two posts to go before i do my special for my hundredth post, it is going to be like awards. It will be a blessing and fun so please ask away...


  1. manipulation is witchcraft hahaha. i have never heard that before.

    I like that pray out of love and not duty. When i was younger, and my grandma says its time to pray. Am like, but we prayed yesterday and this morning I know better now or i

  2. I love the list.
    Lol, Ignore the dude. Some people are just annoying.Take it as a test of your patience and tolerance.

  3. @BSNC
    My pastor told me first. I have heard it from a lot of people, you can do your research.Lol.
    I used to be tired of prayer too. and when i get tired of prayer nowadays i know its because i am doing my duty and not talking with my Father (God)

    I love it too, made it a month ago was too lazy to put it up or it was not yet the right time.
    The dude, yeah. I will, i hope my patience and tolerance is increasing.

  4. Lovely list, I have picked a few things from here. Be confident and humble at the same time, love God, date yourself, me likey.

    have a great weekend dear.

  5. @Myne Whitman
    " God, date yourself, me likey..."
    You are crazy you know! I love your kinda crazy. My sis says creative people can never be normal, i say they can never be ordinary.

  6. why did u start blogging?, do u blog now out of obligation or is it an escape route

    hope uve been good
    ignore d guy oh
    some people r just creepy jerks

  7. My blogging is for fun, for release of tension, to clarify my thoughts and renew my mind. Still love blogging.

    @Chinese man
    The key to happiness is having God and fellowshipping with the father, everything else falls into place when you have God. This is what i believe, feel free to have your own beliefs

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  9. @Raul
    Thanks a lot.

    PS i hope you are a real person and not one of my stalkers who mean harm.

  10. @chinese man
    what can i do to drive you away, outside of saying 'get lost you don't edify me'.
    I don't do friendship online or off with folks who don't edify me.


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