Thursday, July 22, 2010

O to know you more...

I am full of joy yes, turmoil on the outside but peace on the inside yet many things are running through my mind. I learnt a lot about holiness. Holiness was defined as walking like God, acting like God, talking like God, it is dying to sin and to the law. It is taking a while for it all to sink in, but still listening...

Announcement: This is a random post because i am not writing about anything in particular. 
My blog will be a hundred post in the next two post and i have already started working on the four questions i have received. Blogfam, you just don't want to give me the questions i want so four questions it is, if you like don't send me questions if you like do 'wink'.

So i am good as good as can be, had some drama two weeks ago, did fine in handling it. Family is moving forward and work is moving forward, my spiritual life is moving forward. I am following my goals and i think i need a holiday but i have two weddings to attend out of town, one in August and one in September and then i will be taking 4 days each. So i am saving my time-off to go and have fun with my peeps.

Peace you all and my hundredth post will be having two special surprises, i may be posting pictures so watch out. Wouldn't you like to unveil 'tisha'

Word for me:

John 3: (something. Clue: when Jesus was talking to Nicodemus about the new creation)The wind blows where it wills... expect the unexpected!


  1. my question is..i mean hopefly i havent asked a question before...can you share your salvation testimony?

  2. @doll
    I will
    this is a big deal!

  3. Hmm new blogger so don't have a deep question...yet, lol. But my question that you in your profile picture?

  4. @Young Grumbler
    Your guess is as good as mine but i'll answer when i do my hundredth post.

  5. @chinese guy

    you know yourself
    keep off my blog
    or don't make any meaningless

  6. hahaha, you're replying a spam comment.

    You're funny.


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