Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i need a rhythm for my blogging...

Its like i always start stuff with okay

Don't care
This is my space and i am going to be blogging
my thoughts, feelings or words irrespective of who is reading
It is my second hundred so i think it is significant.

I am in a good place spiritually
How do i know?
I don't but i know.

My bff is blocked out
trust her but i don't any longer
don't know why, maybe it is because i don't trust
still love her and we still chat but i am
not quite as deep as before

I needed her at the time she came and i believe
God orchestrated it all
Work is good
God is at work, family is good
I am driving at my goals full speed.

The other day i was thinking about it and
God has answered about 75% of all the stuff i had prayed for and
He aint done yet
He is still on the others
I am still trusting Him

Amazing thing is i know i don't think i am as strong as i should be
but i am better than yesterday and the ...
My bff is calling and i got to go

c ya thursday

just playing around with colors (feeling light hearted and very undefeatable, tis a good feeling!)


  1. Hey girl, how are you? Awe... I likey. God is good. You know what I learnt? When we don't think we are strong, that is exactly when we are the strongest! Keep trusting... He is ridiculously faithful and steadfast in Love, beyond belief.

    I pray you finish this year strong, rooted in Him.

    Much love x

  2. It's good to know that Christ is the Rock; we get up and down and sometimes not too good spiritually; but He is the Same.

  3. @ Remi
    lol and i like @"He is ridiculously faithful and steadfast in Love, beyond belief".
    In answer i am definitely finishing strong in Him, i know i know a lot of stuff but i also know there are a lot of surprises ahead of me, i wait with a steady heart.

    @ David
    Christ is definitely rock. Without Him, i am so so human and natural, why be natural when we can be supernatural.
    The only time we get down is when we take our eyes off Him. So up i'll stay.

  4. Good to know you are in a good place? Bff stands for boyfriend or what? lol

  5. lol

    Bff - stands for Best Friend Forever...
    You think i am too old to have a bff
    Don't think so!
    but tis only my opinion

  6. Hi fragile
    Happy new month
    September is exciting for me
    and full of promises fulfilled.


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