Friday, December 10, 2010

I tagged my self cos i was bored...

Hi y'll, i tagged me self cos i needed to write something new and it was pretty strange i did not have any comments whatsoever.

5 Famous people I want to meet:

- Barack Obama

- Maya Angelou
- Bill Clinton
- Jonathan Goodluck
- Condoleesa rice

5 Books that affected you: 

- The Bible
- 'Everything good will come' by Sefi Atta
- 'Blessed Child' and 'A man called Blessed' by Ted Dekker and another really spiritual guy
- 'The saint' By Ted Dekker
- Piercing the darkness and This present darkness by Frank Peretti

5 favorite movies (5 is very restrictive o!): 

- A destiny of her own
- Lord of the rings 1 2 3
- Cellphone
- Expendables
- Red

5 things you can't do without: 

- The Holy Spirit (God in motion)
- My family
- My life's mission
- My Cell phone too
- My Books

5 turn ons 

- Honesty
- Handsome, sexy, humble and polite men who love Jesus
- Integrity
- Rich sinful chocolate 
- Books at the right time

5 turn offs:

- Deceit
- Agenda bearing folks
- Duplicity
- Politics (Most all politics is dirty)
- Insincerity

I hereby tag
life or something like it


  1. Nice list, it should be interesting to meet Obama and yeah honesty is def a turn on...

  2. @ Myne Whitman
    Yeah. I think it is Obama i really want to

    I like too.
    And yes i really love books.

  3. Hmm, Obama? well.... not really.....

  4. i,ve read and watched everything on your list... but bill not Hillary?

  5. Definitely know you more..
    Have a merry Christmas and a Prosperous New year dear...

  6. sweetie
    you are good

    just keep coasting on God's word
    keep trusting in God's word for you
    The set time to favor you has come,

    "i will arise and favor you beyond your wildest imaginations"

    There is nothing that can stop it.

  7. Like your book list, I've read all except for Sefi Atta's Everything good will come.
    It would be nice for me to meet Obama but meeting Maya Angelou would be awesome, like waaaaaay too cool!

    For someone that does not like politics, you sure wanna meet a lot of politicians -are you sure you really do not like politics;)

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Interesting; perhaps with enough inconsistency to be really interest. Don't like politics but want to meet Obama; value sincerity but want to meet Clinton!?

    Give the Bible a bit more and Lord of the Rings a bit less, as I've learned to do.

    Who do i want to meet - to meet my Saviour!

  9. word? Yay....i got tagged..ok lemme go do it.
    ps: i think it's funny that you dont like politics but 4 of the 5 ppl you want to meet are politicians! :)

  10. I also louve chocoloates - milk chocolates in whatever form - with nuts, caramel, nougat, wafers, biscuits, mousse, tofee and so on - without rum tho *rubs tummy* yummy!

  11. @Omotee
    I love Obama, He's my fav politician after Bill Clinton.

    Hilary is a bit too forceful for my liking, i think she could be more subtle...

    Hope you had a great Christmas, look forward to a blissful year.

    @Tara Gal
    God is my 'how' o. He's making impossible things possible for me. Aint i loved?

    Love my book list too, planning on expanding them. I have so much to ask Maya.
    I am absolutely sure i hate politics but i love my country too much to not participate if i get the opportunity, i trust my integrity. Hope you had a jolly Christmas

    I have loved Clinton since the 90s when he was still Kansas governor and just became a president and i was not even a teenager then. I was also following Obama so let me put it this way. I hate politics but i like to make a difference if i have to be involved in politics to do that. I will!
    I love God's word; it has the power to cause changes if you speak it and believe it.

    I am so sure i will be meeting Jesus after my sourjourn on earth so it is not a goal.

    Please do the tag. lol! Its funny, i actually didn't analyze it, i just wrote as it came and this is truly me!

    Long name, sorry for shortening it like this.
    I love chocolates, all kinds. Not the bitter ones with alchohol. And not because i am a follower of Christ. The ones with alchohol are ughrrr! Bitter like bitter leaf!

  12. "I am so sure i will be meeting Jesus ..." Wonderful!

  13. dishonesty and biggest turn offs

  14. @ David C Brown
    I trusted Jesus with my life and today i still trust Him for everything as much as i remember.
    The meaning of being born again is not joining a club, it is trusting Jesus everyday.

    I hate dishonesty and deceit. Now i have the huge assignment of loving people even when they have less than honest motives...


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